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AI won’t take over the world, it’ll create new jobs

Despite what the movies may have you believe, AI is not a threat to humankind. It will simply make life easier for you. In fact, it’s already happening pretty much everywhere you look.

Fawad Zaidi is a Senior Lecturer and Academic Coordinator of our Creative Technology courses. Fawad is also a fellowship holder for postgraduate studies at the prestigious Max Planck Institute for Informatics at Saarland University in Germany.

Fawad and Dr. Shahrzad Saremi recently made an appearance at Hidden Powers, a Live Instagram Q&A on our Billy Blue College of Design at Torrens Instagram page. This unique event allows our talented lecturers to share details of their involvement in the industry, details about their career and all of their insider information. This time, Fawad Zaidi was joined with Dr. Shahrzad Saremi to speak about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cloud Computing.

Fawad spoke about his research and commitment to bringing creative technology to the medical industry. He stated that so many industries are using AI to solve problems and, in the medical industry, in particular, Virtual Reality (VR) can help teach medical students. As an example, medical students could use VR to practice surgeries.

Other Hidden Powers speaker, Dr. Shahrzad Saremi, has a Bachelor of Information Technology, a Master of Interaction Design, and a Ph.D. in Computer Science, she has also published more than 20 journal articles and currently works as a Lecturer in Software Engineering at Billy Blue.

Shahrzad is currently researching AI, machine learning, optimisation and human computer interaction. As she said on Hidden Powers: “AI plays an important role in our lives and makes our lives easier”

If you want to learn more about creative technology, we have an array of courses available, where you can learn more about Creative Technology and Software Engineering. This includes topics such as AI and Cloud Computing.

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