Media Statement: Torrens University's enrolment of onshore international students

Onshore international students media statement

At Torrens University, we place a very high value on transparency as a tertiary education institution.

Media Statement | 15 August 2023

So, it is important that we share an article that was published yesterday in the Australian Financial Review (AFR), which made negative assertions about how we attract onshore international students to Torrens University.

The article published on Monday 14 August 2023, and written by Julie Hare can be found here.*

We also share below the questions put to us by the AFR, and the responses we provided to the journalist.

The article did not reflect the high standards we maintain across student recruitment, our teaching and learning, or our research and innovation.

Torrens University is proud to welcome and support international students who want to exercise their right to change providers after completing 6 months of study. As long as international students continue to choose Torrens University we will remain committed to supporting their studies in Australia.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any information. You can contact us at

Torrens University's responses to questions from The Australian Financial Review

Torrens University provided the following answers to questions sent from The Australian Financial Review on 14 August 2023 (prior to the above linked article being published).

The context provided by the Australian Financial Review

The regulator TEQSA has written to all providers warning them that their re-registration could be under a cloud if they engage in activities such as encouraging students to transfer from another institution, engaging with, and paying, commissions to education agents to encourage the transfer of students and not providing sufficient information to enrolling students.

1. Is Torrens being investigated by TEQSA over any activities mentioned above?


2. Does Torrens University actively recruit students who are enrolled at another provider?

No. All international students in Australia at all providers are entitled to move from one provider to another after the 6-month period since the commencement of their studies.

Our high student satisfaction rates (QILT) are a testament to the quality we provide and our extensive product offering. This includes our small class sizes of less than 25 students, our 24/7 international study support hubs in Australia and globally, our 11 national campuses and flexible timetabling arrangements, along with our competitive pricing strategy.

Many international students compare market and quality dynamics to suit their personal circumstances. So, students are able to apply to change providers once they are in the country. Students continue to look at the market and talk to other students about their experiences when they are in Australia. International students legitimately can and do move to all universities and higher education providers within Australia.

However, it is pleasing to note the international student retention rate at Torrens University is above 90%.

3. How does Torrens University explain social media posts offering a 35% "scholarship" for "all onshore students" to enrol with it for Term 3? Under criteria, the post says international students "can ... transfer from an onshore institution".

The 35% scholarship is aligned with other offers in the market and looks to address the cost of living pressures faced by international students coinciding with the re-introduction of restricted work rights.

4. How many international students have Torrens University enrolled in 2023 who were already onshore?

For the period January to June 2023, we have 7888 international students studying at Torrens. Only 17% of these students have been onshore enrolments. This trend is down from last year.

*Please note that the AFR online is a subscription only service

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