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6 reason why you should study online

6 reasons why you should study online

Studying online is the best option for people who are looking for maximum flexibility to achieve their career goals without infringing on their work or personal commitments.

As an online student, you may use a variety of online technologies like discussion boards, blogs, and virtual lounges. Here are few reasons why you should consider it:

1. You can fit study around your life

The best part of online study is the complete freedom of picking your learning environment. You can access your course materials on-demand, allowing your to study while waiting for the bus, on your lunch break, after work, when the kids have gone to sleep, etc.

We offer flexible, dynamic online study options so you can realise your goal of career progression, or self-improvement through education, without being locked into a set day, a set time or even a classroom.

“Torrens has a modern approach to study, the emphasis on virtual teams and virtual workplaces us in a position of having experienced the approach, rather than just studying the theory. My cohort, of mature-aged students, has proven to us that you are never too old to begin or return to study.”Krystina Paskiewicz

2. You can study anywhere at anytime

You can study when and where you want within a structured 12-week trimester, tailoring your study to suit your lifestyle. You can also choose to study full or part-time depending on your availability. Depending on your course, you can move between online and on-campus study each trimester, or choose blended learning wherever possible.

*A maximum of 25% online course study is available to international students studying in Australia.

3. You’ll receive great support 

Studying online does not mean you are left all alone. Our learning programmes are designed to offer you support from Academics, Learning Facilitators, and Success Coaches who will individual feedback to keep you focused on your studies. You can arrange personal appointments with supervisor as well as contact from the student support services at any time for technical or administrative issues.

“The best of the Torrens MBA was that it gave ultimate flexibility; it allowed me to do a conference call in New York and collaborate with colleagues in London and complete an exam in a hotel room in Perth.” – Gareth Hallaran

6 reasons why you should study online | Torrens University

4. Choose from a wide range of online degrees

Depending on what you’re interested in, you can study short courses, vocational courses, Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD degrees.

5. Learn a new skill without giving up your day job

Always dreamed of changing careers but can’t make the leap without a qualification? Online study allows you to get keep the security of your day job while allowing you to gain the skills needed to jump into a career you love.

“I wanted to pursue my passion for photography without having to give up full-time job. Studying online gave me just that flexibility.”

6. Online study is the future of education

Let’s face it – as the world becomes increasingly digital, education is more likely to be delivered via the endless world of cyberspace. No matter how remote you are in the world, you will always have access to education.

Want to learn more about studying online?

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