Now Reading: How to get into uni no matter what your ATAR 

How to get into uni no matter what your ATAR

How to get into uni no matter what your ATAR 

UPDATE: ATAR is no longer our primary entry requirement. Find out more here.

What happens if you are not eligible for the bachelor degree you planned on?

Don’t worry, despite how it may feel right now, a low ATAR is not a life sentence. There are many alternative pathways which provide entry options if you don’t quite meet the requirements. Smart students know that even if their ATAR isn’t as high as they’d hoped, there are opportunities still open to them to ultimately get into their dream university course.

What are my options if my ATAR is lower than I needed?

One answer: Diploma!

Diplomas are the pathways into your University dream. We offer diplomas in marketing, events management, business, graphic design, interior design and decoration, beauty and spa practice, nutrition, hospitality, culinary management and tourism that provide a supported entry into bachelor degrees. Also, you will receive credits for the units you have completed.

Studying a diploma gives you a feel for university life without committing to a whole course. With lower ATAR/OP requirements or a Year 12 certificate, students enrolled in a diploma could still study single subjects and study at university whilst working and/or pursuing some other personal interests.

Remember not all first-year university students come straight out of high school.

If you decide to take a year off after high school to work or to travel, great! You’ll be able to spend more time working out who you and what you want to do. You can still use this time to take a few subjects and keep university part of your options. Consider applying for a diploma – the subjects your complete count toward a bachelor degree. Taking your time to pursue other things can still result in a bachelor degree.

Full-time diploma students, after just one year, will be able to use this as a pathway into a bachelor degree. Students will gain credit for the subjects already successfully completed. Pathways between courses at the same institution can streamline this for you.

Torrens University Australia admits domestic students for our undergraduate courses with ATAR 60/OP17. You can find more about our entry requirements here.


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