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How to survive uni

First-year university students have a lot going on. Many students are also working a part-time job, maybe even two.

The truth is, student life can be overwhelming and intense. Although we can’t take away all the chaos, reading these pointers may help you organise your uni life so it won’t be too manic!

1. Don’t miss O-Week

Orientation Week is the best way to learn everything and anything you want to know about your studying experience. It’s also a great time to get acquainted with the campus, ask some questions, make some friends, meet your teachers and learn everything you need to know before the school year starts.

2. Get a diary

This may sound basic but it is absolutely essential to keep you on track. You will have many competing priorities and will your diary will be your best bet to keep you on track.

3. Make an appointment with a success coach on day one

Don’t forget to take advantage of this amazing resource! You have a dedicated Success Coach who works for you to ensure you get the most out of your education. They will support you by building on your own unique personal strengths and professional capabilities to work towards your career goals. Learn more about Success Coaches.

4. Download the Blackboard app

It is so handy. All your reminders and announcements will be sent straight to you. No excuses to ever miss a deadline!

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5. Don’t leave all your work until the last minute

This is so tempting because you will have longer deadlines, sometimes even a couple of months at a time, but the deadline will soon creep up on you. Try to develop a routine of getting the work done as soon as you get it, or as soon as possible to avoid a frantic last minute rush.

6. Know your limits

University is a time for learning inside, and outside, the classroom. With this includes respecting and understanding your limits and what feels right for you. When you know your limits it will make your life at uni easier on your wallet, social life, and of course your ability to keep up with demanding coursework.

6. Ask for help

Remember that you are not superhuman. It’s normal to feel stressed, overwhelmed, lonely, and everything in between. If you don’t speak up about what you’re going through, the situation will only get worse as more deadlines pile up. All students have access to free and confidential counselling. Learn more about Student Services.


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