Now Reading: My ATAR is too low: What now?

My ATAR is too low: What now?

My ATAR is too low: What now?

UPDATE: ATAR is no longer our primary entry requirement. Find out more here.

So, it’s time for SACE, VCE, NTCTE, ACE or HSC results 2019 – the moment you’ve been waiting for all year. That means it’s time for ATAR results 2019 as well.

Perhaps you felt great once the exams were finished but unfortunately, your ATAR score is low (or OP, if you live in Queensland). Flooded with confusion, your mind goes completely blank. What do I do now?
Sound familiar?

What should I do if my OP or my ATAR is too low?

First off, panicking will get you nowhere – there are plenty of options available to you. In fact, while a higher ATAR/OP is an excellent achievement, it doesn’t define you or predict your future grades.

If you have been left feeling disappointed, reach out to your local Tertiary Admissions Centre. Each centre will have links on its website to help guide students in the right direction – it’s worth taking a look for information.

Remember, all of these centres are busy around this period – so if you need to speak to someone, be patient.
The Good University Guide lists courses and their university entry requirements around Australia, so consider using this as a national guide to compare your options.

Consider ‘Options Day’

If things with your ATAR results or your OP results haven’t gone to plan, you won’t be alone. If past ATAR results are anything to go by, there will be lots of students in your shoes. All is not lost! We’ll be hosting Options Day on our campuses in each state.

Our Course and Careers Advisors will be on hand to talk you through alternative entry pathways and get you feeling excited about everything to come. Options Day will be held on the following dates:

  • NSW/ACT: Tuesday, 17th December
  • QLD: Saturday, 14th December
  • SA/NT: Saturday, 21st December
  • VIC: Thursday, 12th December

Consider a diploma a pathway into a bachelor degree

We offer a wide variety of diploma courses that may provide a direct entry into bachelor degrees when successfully completed.

Diplomas can give you a feel for university life without committing to a whole course. With lower ATAR/OP requirements or even a Year 12 certificate, students are eligible to enrol in many university courses.

Entry requirements outside of ATAR or OP

Private universities can set their own university entry requirements. This means we can place less emphasis on your ATAR/OP and consider other factors too, such as creative portfolios for Design degrees and student interviews for entry into Business or Hospitality courses.

We also consider your top three grades, providing they’re a band 2 or above (or above 25 in Victoria). One of the subjects needs to be in the field you want to study, so this is a great opportunity for superstars in one particular area to still shine.

Once you begin on your career path within a university institution, your low OP or low ATAR score becomes less important.

Scoring a low ATAR or OP won’t put you out of the running

Stay calm and change the way you think about the entry process. Keep up your research and make the effort to visit campus for Options Day or to talk to people who understand.
Crisis averted!

Want to know more?
Talk to our Course and Careers Advisors who are trained to match your skills with the right career for you. Call 1300 575 803Call 1300 575 803.

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