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Lesson in referencing

My Lesson In Referencing

Last week, everyone (including myself) in the Principles of Economics class received a pass for our first assignment due to incorrect referencing. I cannot stress the importance of referencing!

It’s quite common for first year students to forget how to reference academic journals correctly but it’s actually an easy way to pick up (or in our case lose) extra marks. Sometimes it’s easy to slip up especially when you get caught up in writing an assignment, due dates looming and pressures of work but it’s important to get into a habit of referencing correctly.

In the words of my wise Economics lecturer, Ken Adams: “You need to acknowledge another person’s ideas and work that you have used in your work”. (Adams, 2016) See how I added my reference there?

This mistake has made me realise the importance of citing journals, articles, quotes and broadcasts and giving recognition for people’s work you’ve used. Luckily the Student Support Team at Torrens run academic workshops every trimester and I’m going to encourage everyone in my class to attend the next one!

For my next assignment, I plan to print out an example of the APA referencing style which we use at Torrens and will have it by my side while I write my assignment.

See you next week!


Reference list

Adams, K. (2016). 22/3 Economics Lecture.

Then, Bachelor of Commerce.

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