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What can you do now to be job-ready? | Torrens University

What can you do now to be job-ready?

Recently, our Success Coach team organised for SEEK’s Senior Consultant Learning and Organisational Development, Gareth Murphy, to talk to our students in the Melbourne Flinders Street Campus about planning for their career.

He had some great advice about what individuals can be doing now to get job-ready.

1. Know Yourself

Be clear on your strengths, skillset, values and interests/passions. At Torrens University, we use the Gallup Strengths Finder to discover individual talent and then invest time helping you develop your talents into strengths. When people and teams have this self-awareness they are 6 times more likely to be engaged in their work or career.

The advantage for Graduates and job seekers of having a deep understanding of self enables:

  • Speak about yourself authentically and leave interviewers impressed by your abilities to articulate what you bring to an organization
  • Have clarity on the criteria of what you want in a job
  • Seek work that is meaningful and relevant to your career ambitions
  • Live and work purposefully

2. Be Discoverable

As the old saying goes, it is not what you know it is who you know. Gareth recommends that during your studies you should be focused on expanding and nurturing your networks as this is most likely where future work will come from. Consider opportunities that will help you to connect with others in your industry: volunteering at events, meet ups, conferences, trade fairs, etc

  • Nurture your network relationships by having career conversations with others in the field
  • Promote yourself through the relevant channels: SEEK, LinkedIn, Recruiters, personal networks
  • Set up job alerts to come to you so you are not spending time searching for the right job description
  • invest your time modifying your resume to suit the job

3. Explore the Possibilities

Think of career development as a climbing frame, not a ladder –You will likely find yourself moving up, down and sideways, not just moving up.

  • Your Career will have peaks and troughs, in the down times utilize this to develop skills, build knowledge and network.
  • Once you land a job don’t become stagnant, keep networking, investing in professional development, attending meetups and Industry events
  • What other opportunities are there that you do love/enjoy (knowing yourself will help you get clear on what other opportunities you can tap into)
  • Do your research, check out: Career advice page; Glassdoor for a deep dive into industries and jobs; Workplace Gender Equality Agency –comprehensive data reports to help you gain an insight into current businesses and large organisations.

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