Professor Alwyn Louw - Vice-Chancellor of Torrens University Australia

Professor Alwyn Louw

On January 15, 2020, Professor Alwyn Louw will become the Vice-Chancellor of Torrens University Australia, the Academic Director of Think Education, and the Chairman of the Academic Board of Media Design School New Zealand.

Professor Louw’s appointment as Vice-Chancellor of Australia’s fastest-growing university follows a distinguished 20-year career in senior academic leadership and management experience. This includes serving as President of the University and Academic President at Monash South Africa, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Academic and Research at Vaal University of Technology (South Africa) and Vice Principal at the University of South Africa.


At Monash South Africa, he was President of the university as well as Academic President. His impact was to build a new generation university with world-class standards – an institution capable of being an active partner in the process of managing and addressing the broader changes in the political, economic, social and environmental realms and contribute tangibly to the sustainability and improvement of the human condition. This initiative was based on his belief that Higher Education is a common good and therefore it should focus on impacting society.


Monash South Africa is a truly international institution, offering one of the most culturally diverse higher education experiences in Africa. The university enrolls a large number of students from all over Africa and across the world. Managing diversity and optimising the value of it towards excellent human relations and effective internationalisation in the learning process, is therefore a fundamental characteristic of the learning environment created at the institution.


Professor Louw is also highly regarded for his work in building new approaches to higher education by ensuring access to high-quality education for all through a deliberate focus shift to inclusivity and affordability. He supports the principal of openness in higher education to ensure the democratisation of access to Higher Education and knowledge. His experience in distance and contact education as well as traditional and integrated delivery models prepared him for a strong focus on the university of the future, based on new generation universityy principles, creating flexibility for broadening opportunities through innovation.


Prior to that Professor Louw was Professor and Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Academic and Research at Vaal University of Technology. During his term at the institution he led the process of establishing a science park to enhance the capacity of the institution to lead in innovation and technology development.


Professor Louw brings significant networks and experience, from his time served in senior academic and leadership positions at the University of South Africa, Technikon Southern Africa and Vista University.


Professor Louw is a sociologist by training, and he has published extensively on a broad range of issues including societal development, gender equity, civil society and community, future of education, new generation universities, research and innovation.


He has extensive private sector experience including serving as Chair and Director of South Africa Private Higher Education, Chair of Board of Directors for Africa, Operation Mobilisation and President of South African Chambers of Commerce and Industry.


His experience in civic and charitable sectors includes being Chair Pro Christo Global Mission and Chair of Cancer Association in Kimberley (South Africa).

Professor Louw’s interests include:

  • The Fourth Industrial Revolution
  • Building the University of the Future
  • Future employment
  • Growing entrepreneurship and innovation potential
  • The alignment between private and public education
  • Social change and Integrated Development
  • Community engagement in higher education


He began his career running several businesses before moving to into academia as a lecturer in sociology at the University of Namibia in 1985.



Professor Louw is motivated by purpose driven leadership based on respect for people and integrity to serve and support people to achieve their full potential. He achieves this through an open and participative approach to optimise organisational capacity through the engagement of people towards common goals. Commitment and loyalty are important building blocks to ensure that the institution demonstrates and promotes ownership of everyone internally and externally.


He believes in building a strong organisational culture and allowing people to use the space created to optimise their impact and development.


Professor Louw was born in Grootfontein, Namibia. He studied Sociology (BA Hons and Masters) at the University of the Free State (South Africa) and obtained his PhD in Sociology from Vista University. He is married with two children.


You can read our announcement about Professor Louw’s appointment here.

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