We all have stories to tell

From the new international student arriving on campus for their very first day in Australia, to the IT technician who ensures our systems run meticulously and keyboards are kept clean. From the business lecturer who sings loudly in the staircase between classes, to the executive who zooms into work on a scooter.

Stories are real. Stories extract the very best from ourselves, our colleagues, our friends; they break down barriers, allow us to escape, to learn, and to be inspired. So, it’s time to tell your story. It’s time to Love Your Story and, in doing so, to help us tell and Love Our Story.

This is a chance to nominate yourself, or to put forward a colleague or a student whom you think would be an excellent storyteller, a captivating yarn spinner or, who simply has something to share. Think about the story we should be telling as a company. Think about the faces and voices that should be showcased and amplified.

When and where

In the coming months, five storytelling evenings will take place in five cities across Australia and New Zealand. Each event will be unique to the city, last for about 90 minutes at the end of the workday, and be a chance to connect with, and hear from, colleagues in a casual environment over some food and drinks.

Ten things we want you to know

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Want to get involved

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