You are now entering the diverse world of food and restaurants. Combining the creativity of food art, the science of cooking and business management will lead you down a rewarding path of culinary careers. From working at your local pub to managing a chain of award-winning kitchens or restaurants locally or globally there is no shortage of chef jobs for you to choose from.

Executive Chef

Combine the marvels of the kitchen with strong business sense.

As an Executive Chef, you will lead a team of chefs across a range of venues or kitchens to create the ultimate culinary experience. From fine dining to your local eatery, the role of Executive Chef will provide you with a variety of exciting possibilities both inside and outside the food-preparation area.

What does an Executive Chef do?

  • Direct and mentor a team of chefs to create mouth-watering culinary experiences
  • Design seasonal menus suited to locale and organisation
  • Design and implement exciting promotions to entice patronage
  • Take control of inventory and budget management across a variety of venues or kitchens

Pastry Chef (Pâtissier)

Create mouth-watering treats for a range of clients.

Patience and precision define the highly rewarding work of a Pastry Chef. Craft baked goods at a café, restaurant or fine dining venue, follow a corporate path and cater for massive companies, or run your own shop. Your culinary skills will be highly transferrable throughout the industry.

What does a Pastry Chef do?

  • Unleash your creative side with edible works of art
  • Work in a range of venues creating both savoury and sweet treats
  • Provide everyone’s favourite staple foods
  • Inspire and collaborate with other chefs in professional kitchens

Restaurant Manager

Take responsibility for the efficient running of a venue.

Combine customer service with your knowledge of hospitality and how to run a kitchen as a Restaurant Manager. Working behind the scenes, you will be responsible for ensuring things run smoothly across the venue, including maintaining service standards, managing employees and assuring profitability. This is a key role across a range of eateries, from cafés to bistros to fine-dining establishments.

What does a Restaurant Manager do?

  • Hire and train staff to build relationships with patrons through great service
  • Oversee the co-ordination of food and beverages
  • Contribute to the venue’s personality with branding and personalisation
  • Take responsibility for profitability and revenue of the business

Catering Manager

Elevate events with specialised menus and excellent service.

Catering Manager is a key role which places you in the day-to-day operations of the food business. You will lead teams of chefs and catering assistants in delivering meals set by client request. Whether you’re co-ordinating the production of meals in the kitchen, or delivering them to specific locations, your days in this role will be both dynamic and enjoyable.

What does a Catering Manager do?

  • Plan and set menus in consultation with chefs
  • Take responsibility for the quality of service and food
  • Hire, train and manage staff for optimum outcomes
  • Set rules and procedures in accordance with health and safety regulations
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Associate Degree of Culinary Management
You will receive the practical skills to become a chef or culinary professional with the knowledge to be a business owner or manager.
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