Available Scholarships

Do you think you have what it takes to blow us away with your ideas and passion?
We’re giving away Design scholarships (up to 33%) to the innovative thinkers, the ambitious new design leaders, the agitators and the game-changers! Sound like you? Apply today.

Are you looking to maximise your Postgraduate University experience as an educator and expand your skills for career progression?
Learn more about how you could be eligible for a 20% Education scholarship.

Are you ambitious, community-minded, and passionate about the health industry?
You could be eligible for our exclusive Health scholarships. We are offering up to 25% scholarships on a range of courses in Beauty, Nutrition, Public Health, Counselling, and Sports Development.

Are you a natural born leader who is passionate about the hospitality industry? You could be eligible for a full scholarship (covers 100% of tuition fees) or a half scholarships (covers 50% of tuition fees). Find out how.

Have you always dreamed of studying in Australia?
Torrens University is currently offering up to 25% off scholarships for our international students. Apply today!

Do you want to connect with like-minded business professionals, passionate about industry development and change?
We are looking for switched-on and future-orientated school leavers who want to make an impact on the business world.

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