Available Scholarships



  • Bachelor of Applied Public Health
  • Bachelor of Human Services (Ageing)
  • Bachelor of Human Services (Disability)
  • Bachelor of Health Science (Aesthetics)
  • Diploma of Human Services*
* The scholarship will cover 1 trimester of tuition fees for Diploma courses.

Application Criteria

  • Academic Drive: Must be able to show a dedication to their academic studies, and/or passion for studying in order to satisfy the judging panel that they will persevere with their course and not withdraw, change course or change education providers.
  • Community Minded: Must demonstrate a willingness to get involved, be proactive and a personable attitude through a history of volunteer or community work.
  • Industry Passion: Must display a passion for their chosen industry
  • Australian citizen/resident: This scholarship is only eligible to students who meet citizenship


Are you passionate about hospitality and keen to forge your career in this industry? Apply for a hospitality scholarship!

William Blue College of Hospitality Management has been continually developing future potential leaders of the hospitality industry for over 25 years, carving the way for the next generation. Each year we invite aspiring hospitality managers, event managers, tourism managers and executive chefs to apply for a William Blue Scholarship. The scholarship is an opportunity to not only become accredited in the industry but to launch a stellar hospitality career. Become a College Ambassador As part of your responsibilities a scholarships student, you will also become a College Ambassador. You will receive:

Application Criteria


Torrens University Australia recognises students from regional and remote areas and talented students, for merit-based scholarships.

The Vice-Chancellor Scholarship

Three scholarships each year are awarded to students who through their application have demonstrated tremendous academic excellence. The scholarship award depends on the assessment by the Vice-Chancellor and Scholarship Committee.

Regional/Remote Access and Indigenous Access Scholarship

Three scholarships each year are awarded to indigenous students and/or students in remote areas of Australia. The scholarship award depends on the assessment by the Vice-Chancellor and Scholarship Committee.

Latin American Scholarships

In recognition of the strong relationship Laureate International Universities has with the education sector throughout Latin America and our significant presence in the region, Torrens University Australia offers a range of scholarship options for students from across Mexico, Central and South America.

Centrelink and Your Fee-Waiver Scholarship

Generally, scholarships that waive a tuition fee or a course charge, either partly or in full, are not income for social security purposes. Please refer to the online guide to Social Security for further information. If you require any further information about your scholarship and how it may affect your Centrelink payments, please contact Centrelink. Please contact us for further information regarding scholarships.

Application Criteria

Are you passionate about having a successful career in business, health, education, design or sports management? Each year we seek Australia’s most talented students to be awarded scholarships to help them reach their career goals.
  • Recipients must be new Torrens students
  • Open to Australian citizens and permanent residents.
  •  Scholarships are offered to undergraduate and postgraduate students studying full-time

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