Welcome to our wonderful student community

On behalf of all the academic team at Torrens University Australia, we are proud to offer a variety of English language courses through our Direct Entry Programs, covering Business, Design, Health and Hospitality. We also offer General English and English for Academic Purposes courses, which allow students the opportunity to improve their speaking, writing, listening, reading comprehension and study skills.

Offered on our centrally located campuses in Sydney, these programs have helped many students from all over the world achieve in their further studies at Torrens University Australia.

All of our language teachers are highly qualified and some have IELTS examining background. Our commitment is to provide students with the quality education they deserve, and we urge them to set high goals for themselves and to take advantage of all that their course has to offer.

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Develop skills in:

  • English language for general academic use
  • English language specific to your field of study
  • Writing (essays and reports)
  • Study techniques
  • Research skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Time management
  • Creating an effective study environment
  • Reading and note taking
  • Exam preparation