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When you study at Torrens University Australia, your student experience extends beyond the classroom. Student life is active, engaged and varied, with a wide range of activities, events and opportunities available to you that will enrich your experience, as well as build skills that make you highly employable.

Student life at Torrens University

Meet new people, broaden your horizons and make the most of your time as a student with us.

Student safety

A safer community

Torrens University is committed to building an inclusive community through the mental health and safer communities framework offering education and support, its aim is to promote a respectful environment, where the risk of harm is reduced, and victims are empowered.
Student Life and Support | Torrens University


As a member of UniSport Australia, we give our students access to many sporting events, national competitions and leadership opportunities. We encourage you to get involved with sport at any level and enjoy the social, physical and mental benefits.

This is where your future starts

Student Life and Support | Torrens University

Leadership speaker series

Our Leadership Speaker Series engages industry experts at the forefront of their industry to speak to students in exclusive seminars. Presenters are role models and thought leaders in their respective fields. These sessions are designed to help you understand more about leadership within the industry and give you unique industry insights that will build your employability.

Student Life and Support | Torrens University

Student representative councils

Our Student Representative Councils (SRCs) are student-led organisations that advocate for the rights and interests of students. Help enhance the student experience whilst gaining invaluable leadership skills for your future career. Each campus has its own SRC, responsible for on-campus and online events such as cultural nights, picnics, trivia nights, sporting events, free breakfasts and more.

You can join your SRC’s dedicated Facebook and Instagram page, where they post about events and initiatives designed to help you make the most of university life.

Student life and support |Torrens University
One of my highlights is joining the SRC and connecting with more students from all over the world through online events.
Lyvia Maretha from Indonesia
SRC Member, Bachelor of Health Science (Aesthetics)
Student Life and Support | Torrens University

Student ambassador opportunities

If you decide to join your campus SRC, you can also apply for one of our Student Experience Ambassador (SEA) roles. This is a paid student support role in which you work in the student community, assisting with tasks such as social media, communications, sports programs, and a wide variety of other projects. It’s a great opportunity to engage with other students and develop your CV before you graduate. 

Student Life and Support | Torrens University

National podcast

Our new student-led podcast brings information about events, university life hacks and discussions on topics of interest straight to your ears. All the content is contributed by students, and it’s coordinated, recorded and edited by students just like you. There’s a new episode released on weeks three and nine of each trimester – don’t miss out.
Student Life and Support | Torrens University

The student voice

This newsletter is all about you, with content written and contributed by students and coordinated by student ambassadors. Inside you’ll find help and support, tips for making the most of your university experience, and a schedule of events and activities, as well as access to discounts and useful resources.


Look for the newsletter in your inbox in weeks two and eight of every trimester.

This is where your future starts

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