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Torrens University’s Research Centres facilitate research in specific areas of interest and deliver high level research products that impact society.

About our Research Centres

Our Research Centres provide multidisciplinary and collaborative research environments aligned to our themes to foster supportive networks. The centres embody a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary research and tap into the synergies that already exist between different disciplines and academic teams across the university.

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CHEF | Torrens University
Centre for Healthy Futures (CHEF)

Through research on environmental, lifestyle and economic factors that impact health and quality of life, our research contributes to better understanding healthcare systems and developing technology for both individual and whole of population Health.

CHSD | Torrens University
Centre for Healthy Sustainable Development (CHSD)

Our mission is to conduct cross-disciplinary, inter-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary research to tackle complex and important policy issues of our time, which are aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

COCA | Research Institutes | Torrens University
Centre for Organisational Change and Agility (COCA)

Our practice and theory informed research approach spans research topics from finance and global project management, global supply and value to leadership, business systems and organisational behaviour.

AIRO | Research Institutes | Torrens University
Centre for Artificial Intelligence Research and Optimisation (AIRO)

Cutting-edge research in Artificial Intelligence and Optimisation providing leadership and creating intelligent solutions to benefit societies. Starting with industry, community, professional bodies, and government’s needs, we engage in the research process with collaborators, end users and advisors.

PHEHF | Torrens University
Centre for Public Health, Equity and Human Flourishing (PHEHF)

Creating the 'fertile soil' to enable human flourishing requires innovative, social science informed scholarship which focuses on making a fairer and socially just world for all. Our mission is to conduct transdisciplinary research to tackle complex and critical public health issues of our time.

Higher Degrees by Research Centre (HDR)

The Higher Degrees by Research community is the foundation of the university’s research and innovation culture. Cultivating novel research outputs and increasing global impact through HDR projects is core to maintaining the university status of Torrens University.

Public Health Information Development Unit (PHIDU)

Torrens University Australia also hosts the Public Health Information Development Unit (PHIDU), which is committed to providing information on a broad range of health and other determinants across the lifespan.

Explore PHIDU

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