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AIRO provides leadership in artificial intelligence and optimisation research and to create intelligent solutions for the benefit of societies.

About the centre

The AIRO research centre aims to explore AI and smart technologies to support humans and businesses flourish in a secure and sustainable digital future.

The AIRO research centre plans to advance the integration of artificial intelligence, internet of things (IoT) and cloud computing for smart future city applications. With a strong focus on service design and human-centric design, the centre aims to address the challenges associated with smart city technologies, such as smart aged home care, digital twin, urban planning, and automated health services. By fostering collaboration among researchers from diverse disciplines, the centre will strive to enhance sustainability, cybersecurity, and societal impacts of future digital society.

Associate Professor Tony Jan, Centre Director

Associate Professor Tony Jan specialises in machine learning for cybersecurity and smart digital technologies. He has published over 70 high-impact journals and conference articles, and his research has been supported by several research grants including ARC discovery and industry-sponsored grants in the domains of AI and smart automation. Associate Professor Jan also leads Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology, cloud, games, and cybersecurity programs at Torrens University Australia.

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Tony Jan
The future belongs to those who can harness artificial intelligence and smart technologies to bring ubiquitous and sustainable services to the next generation of digital industries.
Associate Professor Tony Jan
AIRO Centre Director,

Explore our areas of research

  • Machine Learning
    We develop innovative algorithms and problem-solving techniques and facilitate data-driven decision making tools leveraging on supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement learning algorithms in diverse areas such as medical image processing, public health, FinTech, mental health and agriculture. Our foci include development of machine learning algorithms, application of machine learning in health, sustainability and business, and data visualisations and analytics.
  • Optimisation and Evolutionary Computation
    We develop, adapt, or tailor algorithms to solve optimisation problems in both science and engineering. Our researchers are internationally recognised for their advances in nature-inspired algorithm development, data visualisation, problem formulation, and high-performance computing. Our foci include engineering optimisation, swarm intelligence, and multi-objective optimisation.
  • Robotics
    With a focus on fundamental and applied we design, prototype, and build small to medium-size robots for difference purposes, and develop cutting-edge software technologies required to navigate and assist with intelligence automation of robotics infrastructures. Development of land, air, and water swarm robots are of our interests too. Our foci include swarm robotics, humanoid robots, and robot path planning and goal seeking.

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Our partnerships are national and international with organisations that align with our Be Good Principles. Partnerships are developed at an individual, group, centre and institutional level and align with our university research themes and build our reputation and profile.

Meet our researchers

Guest speaker
Professor Ali Mirjalili

Professor Mirjalili is internationally recognised for his advances in swarm intelligence and optimisation research.


Zahra Mirjalili| Torrens University
Dr Zahra Mirjalili

Dr Mirjalili develops evolutionary algorithms to solve real-world engineering design problems, has over 2500 citations and an H-index of 15


Sarah Immanuel | Torrens University
Dr Sarah Immanuel

Dr Immanuel's expertise includes biomedical signal processing, machine learning and data analytics. Her current research focusses on risk


AIRO | Torrens University
Dr Shelda Sajeev

Dr Sajeev is a Senior lecturer at Torrens University. She has 13+ years’ experience in teaching and research with expertise in medical


Ratna Saha | Torrens University
Dr Ratna Saha

Dr Saha completed her PhD in Computer Science and Engineering and has more than 14 years of experience in academia and industry, including 9


Harvinder Singh | Torrens University
Associate Professor Harvinder Singh

An academic with strong teaching and research expertise in application of informatics tools in Health and Agriculture for nearly two decades.


Professor Khimji Vaghjiani
Professor Khimji Vaghjiani

Academic entrepreneur with over 30 years' experience in a variety of industries, corporates, government, NFP, academia - including


Tayab Memon | Torrens University
Dr Tayab Memon

Dr Memon's expertise is in fault detection and identification system, signal processing, condition monitoring systems and AI in education.


Lucija Boskovic | AIRO
Dr Lucija Boskovic

Dr Boskovic is a Program Director at Torrens University Australia and an Adjunct Research Fellow at Griffith University's School of Engineering and Built Environment.


COCA | Torrens University
Dr Nandini Sidnal

Dr Nandini Sidnal specialises in intelligent software agents, smart agriculture, text analytics, and semantic web.


COCA | Torrens University
Dr Supriya Supriya

Dr Supriya Supriya specialises in health informatics, brain signal analysis, artificial intelligence, non-invasive health applications, and intelligent data analysis for statistical modelling.


COCA | Torrens University
Dr MD (Wahid) Whaiduzzaman

Dr MD (Wahid) Whaiduzzaman specialises in cloud, internet of things, and cyber security computing with a focus on service provisioning.


COCA | Torrens University
Dr Ganesh Naik

Dr Ganesh R. Naik specialises in biomedical engineering, data science, and signal processing with 150+ papers, 3500+ Scopus citations, and an H-Index of 36.


COCA | Torrens University
Dr Ranju Mandal

Dr Mandal specialises in deep convolutional neural networks and optimization for image and video analysis with over 40 publications in prestigious journals and conferences.


COCA | Torrens University
Dr Ammar Alazab

Dr Ammar Alazab is an accomplished Senior Cybersecurity Lecturer with extensive academic and industry experience. He is recognised for his 60+ research publications and over 50 talks in academia, industry, and government.


COCA | Torrens University
Dr Thien Nguyen

Dr Thien Nguyen specialises in machine/federated learning, internet of things, energy harvesting, wireless networking, and satellite communications.


Research stories

Learn more about some of impactful projects and partners at Torrens University's Artificial Intelligence Research and Optimisation.

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