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What is an Artificial Intelligence course?

An Artificial Intelligence course covers the technological field of programming machines to think like we do. You'll acquire an in-demand skill set, covering topics such as machine learning, speech recognition and computer vision. These qualifications combine technical acumen and core soft skills to provide extra value at the forefront of the AI industry.

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Master industry-standard programming 
Learn the fundamentals of C++ and C# programming languages. 

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Bridge the worlds of design thinking and AI
Develop skills to plan and implement strategic software solutions.

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Developed with industry input
Built in collaboration with IBM and AWS Academy.

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Gain professional experience
Work on briefs with industry clients or take on an internship as part of your course.

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Our courses are industry-driven, delivered by designers for designers. All higher education courses include real-life industry experience helping you graduate with a shining portfolio and critical industry contacts.

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Why study with us?

As the country’s fastest-growing university, Torrens University Australia brings a fresh approach to higher education. With employability at the centre of everything we do, we offer industry-relevant Artificial Intelligence courses in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide taught by leading AI experts. Our flexible online, on-campus and blended study options, personalised approach and industry placements will help you find a career you love.

Tarik Tabet - Bachelor of Game Programming student testimonial
As a lifelong gamer I asked myself, ‘Why not make games?’ Torrens University offers the opportunity to make games for Sony Playstation, which played a huge part in my decision.
Tarik Tabet
Bachelor of Software Engineering (Game Programming)
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Broaden your perspective
Investigate ethics, social responsibility and cognitive psychology.
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Gain insights from creative experts
Our academics are leaders in the creative and design world. With their help, see where the industry is heading.
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Success Coaches

Your Success Coach team is available to assist you throughout your first year, building your soft skills and developing your talents, preparing you for your academic journey.

Your teachers and academics

At Torrens University all academic staff are leading design professionals who have industry experience, valuable contacts and stories that connect you straight to the design industry.

Fawad Zaldi | Design and Creative Technology | Staff 

Fawad Zaidi
Program Co-ordinator

After graduating from Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik, University of Saarland, Germany, Fawad has worked as a senior lecturer, researcher, program coordinator and director of studies at several universities, including in New Zealand and China. He has published and presented research papers at reputable international conferences and has been a member of various technical review committees. The area of interest Fawad brings to Torrens University include Computer Graphics, Virtual Reality, AI and Cloud Computing. Fawad loves learning new languages and he speaks English, Urdu, Hindi, Arabic, German and Chinese.

Shazi Saremi |  Design and Creative Technology | Staff

Shahrzad Saremi
Senior Learning Facilitator

Dr Shahrzad Saremi received her BA in Information Technology from Multi Media University, Malaysia, MSc in Interaction Design from University of Queensland and PhD from Griffith University. She has published more than 20 journal articles, two chapters of a book and one book with more than 1300 citations. Her main research interests are Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Optimisation and Human Computer Interaction, passions she shares with Technology students.

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