Governance and leadership

Torrens University Australia has a well formulated and effective Governance Framework. Its governance structure, working through delegations to the Academic Board and its sub-committees, plus the organisational structure, provide for robust management and reporting functions that ensure quality assurance of all the academic activities of Torren University verticals, including the maintenance of high standards in teaching and scholarship.

Governing Board

Governing board

The Torrens University Governing Board governs the University in accordance with the Board’s Constitution which outlines its role regarding strategy, risk management, academic governance, reporting and disclosure, management, performance, corporate governance and delegations.

Academic Board

The Torrens University Academic Board, on delegated authority from the Governing Board, has principal responsibility for all the academic activities of Torrens University verticals, including the maintenance of high standards in teaching and scholarship.

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Quality of the University’s student learning experience
Ensuring that the University meets the needs of relevant communities and stakeholders
Student retention, progression, and course completion
Monitoring the implementation and impact of continuous improvements in learning and teaching and their impact on student retention, progression, course completion and graduate outcomes
Successful student graduate outcomes
This includes employability, self-employment, and entrepreneurship

The Torrens University Academic Board participates in strategic planning through input, review and evaluation and endorsement of the Learning and Teaching Plan that is presented to the Governing Board for authorisation.

Governance and Leadership | President Linda Brown | Torrens University

Executive leadership

The Executive Leadership team oversees the operational leadership of Torrens University with clear delegations and direction from the Board via the President. The President leads the alignment and coordination of activities across Torrens University.
Academic Governing Board | Professor Alwyn Louw | Torrens University

Academic leaders

The Vice-Chancellor reports to the President and leads the Academic Leadership team, Research and academic quality team across Torrens University.
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