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Research is critical to the wellbeing of society and the planet we inhabit. It’s what drives advancement and development – from jobs and technology, to economics and health. It informs understanding of ourselves as individuals, as communities, as countries and indeed as part of the global community.

Research strategy

Our research strategy optimises the collective expertise of our researchers in response to issues locally and globally. Our Strategic plan will build our research excellence as we gain momentum of research achieved in our short history as one of Australia's youngest universities.

Our distinction is guided by our vision as the University of the future, Industry's University and being a standout Global University. Our researchers work together on challenges to develop applied and innovative outcomes through four major University wide research themes.

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Kate Thompson, Research student

Research and innovation leadership

Our entrepreneurial Research and innovation leaders, led by Professor Kerry London, Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research, supports our outcome-focused researchers to conduct high quality, impactful research.
I am delighted to be leading the research strategy development and implementation at Torrens University Australia. We have created a distinctive research ecosystem establishing our unique position within the national and international research communities. Our Strategic Research Plan 2021-2025 is informed by our citizenship principles where we advocate using our institutions’ collective skills to create positive and lasting change towards a better world. The Torrens Research Way is multi, cross, trans and interdisciplinary and highly responsive to our partners, users and stakeholders of our research.
Professor Kerry London
Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research

Our researchers

At Torrens University Australia, we are dedicated to fostering a culture of innovation, exploration, and impactful research. Our university serves as a nexus where ideas flourish, creativity thrives, and opportunities abound. Ranked among the top institutions globally, we are committed to addressing the world's most pressing challenges through groundbreaking research initiatives. Our researchers are the driving force behind our endeavours and are passionately engaged in unravelling the complexities of social, environmental, and technological issues.

Torrens University Australia cultivates an environment that nurtures collaboration, innovation, and discovery. The Torrens University Australia Research portal, stands as a testament to our unwavering dedication to facilitating meaningful connections and fostering impactful collaborations. Guided by the principles of excellence and integrity, we invite you to explore our researchers, delve into collaborative opportunities, and join us on our journey to effect profound and positive change through research and innovation.


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Professor Alwyn Louw | Research | Staff
The Torrens University Strategic Research Plan 2021-2025 is focused on creating knowledge that addresses practical situations, problems and opportunities to bring change – aiming at innovation to benefit societies. Our research program is critical to ensuring the University maintains the quality and relevance of its curriculum and preparing our graduates for the world of work.
Professor Alwyn Louw

Research impact

We commit to finding and contributing to practical solutions valued by society – applying academic rigour, multidisciplinary collaboration and creative thinking. Torrens University focuses on the following four themes.

Our Research Centres

Our Research Centres provide multidisciplinary and collaborative research environments aligned to our themes to foster supportive networks. The centres embody a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary research and tap into the synergies that already exist between different disciplines and academic teams across the university.

Operating under experienced academic leadership, our centres drive research activity, supervise research
students and provide mentorship for academics and research students as they develop research expertise.

Torrens University Australia also hosts the Public Health Information Development Unit (PHIDU), which is committed to providing information on a broad range of health and other determinants across the lifespan.

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Industry partnerships and collaboration

To address the real world issues today, research has to be tackled from multiple perspectives. We believe that when a problem is approached, perspectives from disciplines such as management, health, design and technology should be considered as part of the process. Only then is in-depth understanding enabled. Industry partnerships at Torrens University are critical when it comes down to relevance and impact in key areas of research.

At Torrens University the drive is towards increased collaboration, interaction and engagement between disciplines as well as with partners to ensure research we conduct has real world application. Torrens University is developing fundamental, strategic and applied research expertise in focused areas that are related to and inform the courses of study offered, not only advancing knowledge but with the potential to lead to international research collaborations and contribute to society.

We would like to hear from you if you want to sponsor a research project or research student, collaborate with Torrens research staff or provide supervision or assessment of higher degree students.

If interested please contact us at

Our Higher Degrees by Research courses

As the country’s fastest-growing university, Torrens University Australia brings a fresh approach to higher education. We focus on giving you the skills and the knowledge to ensure long-term success in your career. PhD qualified and research-active academics with strong ties to industry will support you in every step of your study.

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Building a culture of responsible research

We aim to build a vibrant research culture in which diverse scholarly activities take place. Our organisational practice values research and provides a supportive context for research productivity.

We recognise the role of institutional practices in building a strong research culture and continue to develop our institutional capabilities including research policies, appropriate resources, research training, research discussions and research leadership.

Our culture is based on strong ethical standards and we abide by the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research.

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