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Our alumni community is a global network of people, ranging from professionals, industry stars, influential leaders, and CEOs, to young rising stars and celebrities. Our alumni are global, world-class, talented, and grace media headlines. They are inspiring and they are changing communities and the world with their innovation, insight, and ambitions. We are incredibly proud of what they achieve.

A part of our community

Our alumni are an important part of our community. When a student studies with us, they become part of our community for life, even after they graduate. So we want to stay connected. We want to share our news, news from our alumni, our recent innovations, plans for the future, and of course networking opportunities, because we know great relationships with our alumni can bring many mutual benefits.

Why do our alumni matter to us?

Alumni are people whose lives we have touched during their journey as a student. As they have first-hand experience of the Torrens University student journey, they can also touch the lives of our current and prospective students.  Alumni are incredibly important because for us, our key differentiating feature is the ethical and community emphasis we place within the curriculum. 

In the spirit of connection with our alumni, many of them become our industry partners, contributing back to the university in terms of generating placement opportunities, delivering guest speeches, answering questions to prospective students at open days, or serving on advisory boards. Therefore, by staying connected with us after graduating, alumni are capable of not only changing our community but the world they operate in. They contribute to the legacy of Torrens University, ensuring that our impact is felt throughout the communities our graduates contribute to.  

Mostly importantly, the stories and journeys of our alumni are an inspiration for many young people and students who may want to start in industry and they are a great showcase of how far their career can go.

Meet some of our incredible alumni

Meet some of our incredible and inspiring alumni and what they have to say. We are so proud of them as they are making an impact on communities and the world with their innovation, insight, and ambitions.

Melanie Tran - Bachelor of UX and Web Design student testimonial

Melanie Tran

Melanie Tran is a Torrens University Bachelor of Digital Media graduate and current Masters of Philosophy student. She has been recognised as one of the Australian Financial Review’s 2019 Top 100 Women of Influence and was the 2018 Laureate International Universities Global Here for Good Award winner. See Mel’s story here

Nicola Meithke | Student

Nicola Miethke

Nicola Miethke is a Torrens University Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) graduate from the class of 2018. She tells her story of why she is so glad to have studied with us because now she has the tools and the knowledge couple with her passion to live out the rest of her life in a career that she absolutely loves. Watch Nicola here

Torrens University Australia Alumni | Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School

Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School Alumni

The history of our Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School (BMIHMS) dates back almost 30 years. Due to the legacy of the school, it has a strong alumni community with over 6,500 alumni around the world, many of whom are now industry leaders in hospitality management. Find out more about our BMIHMS alumni, their careers, the success they’ve achieved, and various programs currently offered here.
Torrens University Australia Alumni | Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School | Leaders in HM Magazine

BMIHMS Industry Leaders

Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School alumni Erica Blythe, Scott Boyes, Shaizeen Contractor, Tish Nyar, and Caspar Schmidt grace the cover of a 2020 edition of HM Magazine. Read about these influential leaders of the hotel industry in Asia Pacific here.
Torrens University Australia Alumni | Young female student

Torrens Alumni Blog

Visit Torrens University Alumni Blog for an exciting collection of success stories which will be sure to inspire and invigorate.

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  • Alumni Scholarships

    We have an Alumni Scholarship program that is available to graduates across all our participating institutions in Australia and New Zealand. We want to give our alumni the opportunity to further their studies with a truly global university and get the job they love.

    Alumni Scholarships

  • Alumni Portal
    We have an Alumni Program which provides access to a jobs board, events, resources and professional networking with Alumni from across all of our schools and brands. Sign up to My Alumni Portal today for access to the program and resources. If you are already a member, please check your contact details are up to date.
  • Alumni Short Courses offer
    Right now professional development and learning is critical, and there is no better time to upskill and continue building your knowledge base. Our exclusive On-Demand Short Courses free offer for our alumni community is open right up until 31 December 2020. 

    To find out more information please click here.  
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