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We are driven by our pledge to fundamentally Be Good. This simple but powerful ethos affirms our commitment to values which are embedded in our DNA.
  • Be Good builds on the important Here for Good pledge we inherited from our foundation family Laureate International Universities, and it's something we carry forward into our present and future with Strategic Education, Inc.
  • Be Good is the expression of our undertaking to champion the power of people to connect the world for good. It is embedded in all aspects of our work and business.
  • Be Good is not a lofty ideal. The outcomes of this unleashing of aspirations is evident in the success of our students, graduates and alumni – in their careers as well as their journeys to Be Good.

It is evident in the contribution we make to Australian society, economy, education and research. It is evident in our commitment to diversity and inclusion, our respect for Indigenous peoples, and our commitment to B Corporation principles.

Torrens University | BCorp Logo

Certified B Corporation

We are unwavering in our mission to be a force for good in business and education. This is why we belong to the global B Corp movement.

As an international community of best practice, being a Certified B Corporation means we meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance and public transparency and legal accountability.

Providing open, accessible education is our ultimate goal.

Championing Organisational Change & Driving Impact Digital Badge endorsed by B Corp

At Torrens University, we are very proud of equipping our students with important soft skills to future-proof their careers. We believe these skills are just as learnable and just as critical as other technical or industry-specific skills.

Championing Organisational Change & Driving Impact is our most popular digital badge, shifts learners’ thinking towards organisational culture and how to be an effective leader in the face of change.

This Smart Skills Digital Badge is endorsed by B Corp – the globally recognised certification for social and environmental performance in business – this course helps learners develop their understanding of corporate social responsibility, organisational culture and the power of businesses to create positive change in the world. The badge equips learners with the tools needed to plan and facilitate lasting change in their personal and professional lives.

Andrew Davies, B-Lab Chief Executive Officer
Be Good | Social Impact Report | Torrens University Australia

Social Impact Report

Each year, Torrens University publishes the much awaited Social Impact Report which brings our values to life and captures the many projects, partnerships and activities delivered with our commitment to impact our world positively.

Our people, teamwork, impact and initiatives are truly amazing across the organization.

Do take a deep dive into our latest report which showcases incredible outcomes in our pursuit of doing good.

Free digital learning

In 2020, Torrens University continued its commitment to providing the broader community free online courses and information events. The outcome was phenomenal.

Over 130,000 people accessed free online short courses, attended our education expos and participated in Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC).

In 2021, we are offering nine of our On-demand short courses free of charge to the public and our industry partners. Besides, our students and staff have free access to all our on-demand short courses and our recently launched online credentials, Smart Skills Digital Badges. We proudly collaborate with some of the key players across industries, ensuring that everything our students learn will be of absolute value, not just theoretically but practically as well.

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