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Why Study at Torrens University?


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Welcome to Australia’s global university. Torrens University Australia brings a fresh, modern, careers-focused and global perspective to higher education. Here’s what that means for you.

A game-changing university, Torrens is aimed at providing graduates with a globally oriented skill-set that will make them a valuable commodity to any employer. It is deeply focused on providing an avenue towards rewarding employment that will fit with the lifestyles of our students.

Torrens offers vocational, undergraduate and postgraduate courses across Business, Design, Health, Hospitality, Project Management, Education, Sports Management, Higher Degrees by Research, and English. These courses are delivered through Torrens’ incredible family of schools and a prestigious array of collaborations; leading institutions that all boast strong links to industry in Australia and overseas.

With an efficient trimester system allowing courses to be completed quicker than public university offerings, Torrens campuses span across Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne and Brisbane. Wherever possible, Torrens also offers its courses online to provide convenient access to students.

Torrens’ place in Laureate International Universities also ensures that students graduate with more than a degree; they graduate from the largest education network in the world, ready for whatever challenge the world throws their way.