Torrens University heritage

Torrens University Australia is part of a network of passionate educators who believe in the transformative power of education to change individual lives, society and the world, for the better.

Our network of founding partners

Torrens University Australia was founded in 2013 through partnership with some of Australia’s most renowned education providers who share a purpose-driven and passionate approach to teaching, in order to create courses that are designed to place passionate people in careers they love.

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Australia’s fastest growing university
With over 12,500 students in 4 states, Torrens University Australia is the fastest growing in Australia.


Our Design faculty offering is delivered through Australia’s champion of creativity, Billy Blue College of Design. In addition, we have award-winning curriculum and academic experience from Media Design School (our New Zealand Design & Creative Technology education provider), as well as CATC to further strengthen our design and creative technology credentials. This winning combination of industry expertise and passion for design and creative technology makes us an unbeatable choice.

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Producing creative thinkers with real world experience

Billy Blue College of Design ensures students not only learn design skills but also gain hands-on practical experience working on real briefs for real clients and collaborating with industry-leading talent.
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Practical hands-on creative college

Founded in 1982, CATC was one of Australia’s largest private vocational design colleges with a variety of creative courses from Design to Photography taught in an interactive and energetic environment.
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Multi-award-winning and industry connected

Established in New Zealand in 1998, in response to a global demand for skilled graduates in digital design and creative technology, Media Design School quickly became an award-winning school. Offering students access to a world class curriculum, they have helped shape the Australasian design industry over the past 21 years.


Torrens University Hospitality was founded in partnership with two highly acclaimed colleges: Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School and William Blue College of Hospitality Management. Torrens University Hotel Management courses continue to be delivered through Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School.

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An innovative, vibrant and multi-cultural learning experience

Started in 1991, the BMIHMS is now recognised by the industry as the #1 Hotel Management school in Australia.
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Hospitality and tourism entrepreneurs of the future

First opened in 1990, William Blue College was famed for its student-run, fine dining restaurant: William Blue Dining in The Rocks. It is still run as a training restaurant for culinary and hospitality students, and is open to the public, ranking in the Top Ten Sydney Restaurants on Trip Advisor.


A powerful combination of two of Australia’s leading business schools: Chifley Business School established in 1989 and APM College of Business Communication. This mix of passion and experience provides Torrens University Business students with a competitive advantage.

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Top business school with an industry leading online MBA

Created by industry experts with a focus on providing education to professionals looking to excel in the industry.
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Inspiring the next generation of industry leaders

Founded with a vision to provide further education to business professionals to advance or change marketing careers.
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10,000+ alumni network
Chifley Business School has an extensive global network of alumni employed in senior positions of multi-national companies like Telstra, Etihad Airways and Boeing.


Founded through a combination of Australia’s oldest and most respected health schools, with expertise ranging from complementary medicine to counselling. Incredible industry connections and a vast alumni network ensure graduate success.

SSNT - Southern School of Natural Therapies Logo | Torrens University Australia

Pioneers in Natural Therapies

Founded by Alf and Judy Jacka in 1961, many of SSNT’s courses were the first of their kind to be accredited in Australia.
ACNT - Australasian College of Natural Therapies Logo | Torrens University Australia

Founded by a passion to heal

ACNT was established in the 1970s and the school's co-founder, Freida Bielik, was a keen herbalist and felt inspired to find a treatment for her child's severe asthma through the use of complementary medicine.
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Over 30 years of expertise in mental health

Founded in 1981 by David Jansen and Margaret Newman, initially to provide training for marriage guidance counsellors, the Jansen Newman Institute was Australia's leading provider of courses in counselling and community services.
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