Torrens University ranks 7th nationwide for Quality of Entire Educational Experience

QILT results 2022

Torrens University has improved in all QILT Student Experience Survey main scores when compared to 2021.

Torrens University Australia has jumped seven ranking positions for Quality of Entire Educational Experience, now placed as the 7th top university in Australia for the 2022 QILT Student Experience Survey (SES) for Undergraduate Students.

Torrens University is amongst only six universities nationwide that have remained stable or recovered since COVID-19.

In addition, Torrens University was ranked in the Top 10 for Student Support and Teaching Quality, and improved all its QILT SES main scores against the previous results from 2021 for Undergraduate Students.

Benchmarking student experience

The Student Experience Survey (SES) is the only comprehensive survey of current higher education students in Australia, part of a suite of government-endorsed surveys for higher education.

“The SES helps benchmark our student experience against other Australian educational providers and directly relates to the priority we place on achieving student satisfaction through providing outstanding learning and student experiences for our students throughout their entire journey with us,” said Professor Alwyn Louw, Vice-Chancellor, Torrens University Australia.

“These impressive results are testament to the quality of our faculties, academic staff, and our learning and customer support services."

Torrens University Australia courses ranking within Top 10

  • The university's Community Services program was ranked as TOP 2 across 29 universities with programs in the Social Work area of study
  • Interior Design programs ranked as TOP 5 across 25 universities with programs in the Architecture and Building area
  • Creative Arts programs ranked as TOP 5 across 36 universities
  • Computing & Information Systems programs ranked as TOP 6 across 37 universities

QILT results for Postgraduate students

In the 2022 QILT Student Experience Survey, Torrens University Australia climbed two ranking positions for Skills Development, now placed in the TOP 3 for Postgraduate students. Torrens University Australia remained the TOP 5 university for Postgraduate Learner Engagement.

Notable results include the university’s Computing and Information Systems programs ranked as TOP 1 across 37 universities with postgraduate programs in this area, along with Teacher Education, ranked as TOP 3 across 40 universities.

Torrens University Australia scores 11th for overall experience and 9th for Student Support

In the 2022 QILT International Student Experience Survey, Torrens University Australia increased all QILT scores against its 2021 results for international undergraduate students. Torrens University Australia jumped up two ranking positions for Quality of Entire Educational Experience for international students, now placed 11th out of 41 universities.

Torrens University is now 9th best-ranked university for International Undergraduate Student Support – an increase of nine positions – and it is now ranked TOP 7 in Skills Development for International Postgraduate students.

Continuing to enhance support services to optimise students’ experiences at Torrens University Australia into the future

“At Torrens University Australia, we pride ourselves on being progressive and continuously improving everything we do,” said Jerome Casteigt, Chief Commercial Officer, Torrens University Australia.

“Student feedback is a critical part of improving our service for our students and our aspiration to provide them with the best possible experience.”

Vice-Chancellor Professor Alwyn Louw said the results were encouraging, but there’s always more that can be done to improve student experience across the board.

“Our ambitions are bold. Ultimately, we want to be known as the top institution when it comes to overall student experience,” he said.

“To do this, we will continue to innovate and adapt as the world changes, to ensure our support services are future-proof and aligned with our mission to maintain the highest quality while also expanding access to higher education for people of all walks of life.”

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