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We acknowledge the value of providing opportunities for students to build upon their prior learning, whether this learning was acquired through structured courses or gained through life experience or work experience.

What is Recognition of Prior Learning?

Learning as the result of work or life experience, self-tuition, hobby or leisure activities (i.e. informal learning) or a structured course that does not lead to an officially accredited qualification (i.e. non-formal learning) may be credited against your degree with us. For further information about these types of learning, refer to our Credit Policy. Each application is assessed individually, and your experience is matched to the learning outcomes of the subjects covered in your course.

All claimed work experience must be relevant to the qualification being applied for.

Are you eligible for Recognition of Prior Learning?

You’ll first need to have an offer of enrolment and the standard entry requirements for Torrens University Australia still apply.

If you have questions about the policy and your individual situation, you can speak to our Future Student Advisors to discuss your prior learning experiences and how they can be credited towards your degree.

Course credits
We recognise the knowledge and experience your previous study has given you, and it may make you eligible for credit towards your course and a reduction in tuition costs.

How to apply for Recognition of Prior Learning

  1. Please contact us regarding your intention to apply for RPL, and we will refer you to the RPL Officer.
  2. The RPL Officer will guide you through the application procedure and requirements, including the evidence required such as documents and formal evaluations.
  3. Fill out and submit the RPL Application Form, and supply evidence which reflects your current levels of knowledge and skills. All evidence will be verified following the RPL assessment criteria.
  4. The RPL Officer will review the application to ensure that all relevant information and supporting evidence are provided. If the application is complete, the RPL Officer will submit it to the Program Director (or delegate), and the application can proceed to RPL panel.

For more details, please read our Higher Education Recognition of Prior Learning Procedure

Evidence to support an application for credit based on informal and/or non-formal learning includes:

  • Evidence of responsibilities within defined processes, references & testimonials, job descriptions
  • Letters from employers/references (on business letterhead)
  • Curriculum vitae, and corroborating evidence
  • Work documents/job statement and evidence of process
  • Portfolios containing samples of work
  • Performance review evidence
  • Non-award professional development courses, and other non-AQF awards and certificates
  • Recognition of merit, or industry awards
Need more information?

Other things to consider

Thanks to Recognition of Prior Learning, I gained subject credit for my previous relevant study experience. This meant I completed my course in less time and saved on the tuition, which made a big difference. The Future Student Advisors helped me through the application process and I was happy to get a step ahead. It helped me get started in my career faster.
Scott Young
MBA Student
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