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We are a young private international university in an exciting phase of development and outstanding growth. To support high quality and impactful research and this extraordinary momentum and trajectory, we have brought together an entrepreneurial research leadership team to take us to the next level.

Research and Innovation Office

Established in 2021 and led by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research, our Research and Innovation Office is a unique collective of our Research Centres and Units, the Higher Degrees by Research (HDR) Centre, and the Research Management Services Unit.

The leadership team are responsible for operationalising the research agenda, governance, management and the HDR programs.

We provide advice and support on Higher Degree Research candidature and scholarships, grant applications and administration, as well as funding, ethics and integrity, policy, and our Strategic Research Plan.

Research Management Services

Research Management Services offers both strategic and operational assistance to enhance the University's research endeavours, collaborating closely with various stakeholders within the university's research network.
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Higher Degrees by Research Centre

The Higher Degrees by Research (HDR) community serves as the foundation of the University's research ethos and is pivotal in upholding the standards essential for university accreditation. It stands as a cornerstone within the Research and Innovation Office at Torrens University. Central to the university's status, fostering innovative research outputs and expanding global impact through HDR projects remains integral to the identity and mission of Torrens University Australia.

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Research Centres

Torrens University Research Centres are vital in conducting specialised research and producing influential outcomes contributing to societal advancement. These centres foster collaborative, multidisciplinary research environments tailored to our thematic priorities, cultivating supportive networks. Emphasising interdisciplinary collaboration, they leverage existing synergies among diverse disciplines and academic groups throughout the university.
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Research and Innovation Office | Torrens University
Professor Kerry London,
Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research
Our Strategic Research plan is informed by our citizenship principles where we advocate using our institutions’ collective skills to create positive and lasting change towards a better world.

Research and Innovation Office leadership team

Meet outcome-focused researchers from Torrens University Australia, who are working to solve complex global problems and to propel innovation.

Professor Kerry London
Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research
 Research Administration Officer, Danielle Borroughs
Ros Cameron | Torrens University
Professor Ros Cameron
Director, Centre for Organisational Change and Agility (COCA)
Paul Ward | Torrens University
Professor Paul Ward
Centre Director, Centre for Public Health, Equity and Human Flourishing (PHEHF)
Margee Hume | Torrens University
Professor Margee Hume
Dean, Higher Degrees by Research Centre (HDR)
Louise Townsend | Torrens University
Dr Louise Townsin
Manager, Research Management Services (RMS)
Tony Jan
Associate Professor Tony Jan
Director, Centre for Artificial Intelligence Research and Optimisation (AIRO)
Craig McLachlan
Professor Craig McLachlan
Director, Centre for Healthy Futures (CHEF)
Claire Littleton
Associate Professor Clare Littleton
Acting Deputy Director, Centre for Healthy Sustainable Development (CHSD)
John Glover | Research Institute PHIDU | Director
Professor John Glover
Director, Public Health Information Development Unit (PHIDU)

Research and Innovation Office staff roles

  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research
    Name Role
    Professor Kerry London Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research, Research and Innovation Office
    Danielle Borroughs Research Administration Officer
  • Research Centre Directors & Deputy Directors
    Name Role
    Professor Paul Ward Research Director, Centre for Public Health Policy (PEHF)
    Associate Professor Tony Jan Research Director, Centre for Artificial Intelligence Research and Optimisation (AIRO)
    Professor Craig McLachlan Research Director, Centre for Healthy Futures (CHEF)
    Professor Ros Cameron Research Director, Centre for Organisational Change and Agility (COCA)
    Associate Professor Clare Littleton Acting Deputy Director, Centre for Sustainable Development (CHSD
    Professor John Glover Research Director, Public Health Information Development Unit (PHIDU)
    Dr Sarah Baker Head of Research, Media Design School
  • Dean, Higher Degrees by Research (HDR) and HDR Candidate Manager
    Name Role
    Professor Margee Hume Dean, Higher Degrees by Research Centre (HDR)
    Associate Professor Belinda Moloney Candidature Manager, (HDR)
  • Research Management Services Managers
    Name Role
    Dr Louise Townsin Manager,  Research Management Services (RMS)
    Josh Witham Research Grant Development Manager
    Kay Govin Research Operations & Reporting Manager
    Suzette Rawady Human Research Ethics Manager
  • Associate Professors, Senior Research Fellows and Research Fellows
    Name Role
    Dr Rachel Ambagtsheer Research Fellow (PHEHF)
    Dr Paul Aylward Senior Research Teaching Fellow (PHEHF)
    Dr Elsa Dent Senior Research Fellow (PHEHF)
    Dr Denise De Souza Research Fellow (CHSD)
    Dr Hailay Gesesew Senior Research Fellow (PHEHF)
    Associate Professor Amy Li Senior Research Fellow (CHEF)
    Dr Jessie Li Research Fellow (CHEF)
    Dr Belinda Lunnay Research Fellow (PHEHF)
    Dr Greg Lyle Research Fellow (PHIDU)
    Claire Marsh Research Fellow (PHIDU)
    Elissa Mortimer Research Fellow (PHEHF)
    Associate Professor Lillian Mwanri Associate Professor (PHEHF)
    Associate Professor Zelinna Pablo Senior Research Fellow (CHSD)
    Kimberly Sobczak Research Fellow (PHIDU)
    Sonyta Uch Research Fellow (PHIDU)
    Dr Deborah van Gaans Research Fellow (PHIDU)
    Kristin Brombal Research Fellow (PHIDU)
  • Research Officers
    Name Role
    Lauren Dougherty HDR Administration Officer, HDR Centre
    Michelle Yoon Research Support Administrator, RMS
    Leah Nerris HDR Administration & Data Officer, HDR Centre
  • Research Assistants
    Name Role
    Katherine Yuan Research Assistant (CHEF)
    Teresa Cheng Research Assistant (CHEF)
    Jairo Puerto Suarez Research Assistant (AIRO)

  • Non-Traditional Research
    Name Role
    Dr Fiona Chatteur Senior Learning Facilitator
Research Management Services
Higher Degree by Research:
Human Research Ethics:
Research and Innovation Office | Torrens University
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