The Higher Degrees by Research community is the foundation of the university’s research and innovation culture. Cultivating novel research outputs and increasing global impact through HDR projects is core to maintaining the university status of Torrens University.

About the centre

Torrens University Australia’s Higher Degrees by Research (HDR) Centre is focused on building a large and vibrant graduate research student cohort. We recognise that this is an essential part of the strong research fabric of the university.

The HDR Centre endeavours to support research at Torrens University and around the world by building the community of HDR students and supporting students through high-quality higher degree research supervision and training.

Higher Degrees by Research courses

The HDR Centre currently offers a Graduate Certificate of Research Studies (2028), Graduate Diploma of Research Studies (2029), Master of Research Studies (2031), Master of Philosophy (2028), Professional Doctorate (2028) and a Doctor of Philosophy (2030).

Fields of education

HDR Student recruitment is aligned to the Fields of Education (02 Information Technology, 06 Health, 07 Education, 08 Management and Commerce, 10 Creative Arts, 11 Food Hospitality and Personal Services and 09 Society and Culture) and offers supervision in the Fields of Research at Torrens University Australia (46 Information and Computing Sciences, 32 Biomedical and Clinical Sciences, 42 Health Sciences, 35 Commerce, Management, Tourism and Services, 33 Built Environment and Design, 44 Human Society).

The vibrant research environment is supported by on-campus HDR training and tutorials, PhD-qualified expert supervisors, an HDR helpdesk, a community of practice, a research seminar series, and world-class facilities, as well as computer, technology and library support on each campus and online.

Higher Degrees by Research values and goals

The HDR centre's values and goals align with Torrens University Australia - Research Strategic Priorities.

  1. Positive relationships with our students and a quality student experience (TUAG1)
  2. Positive relationships with our Torrens University team supervisors, stakeholders, and students (TUA G2)
  3. Progressing students and completions (TUAG3)
  4. Growing students’ numbers and building community (TUAG3)
  5. Positive contribution to the Torrens University and research and innovation strategic goals (TUAG3)
  6. Ethical research conduct and aligned the regulatory environment (TUAG4)

Higher Degrees by Research governance framework

The HDR centre and committee are a subcommittee of the Research Committee which reports to Academic Board and resides in the Research and Innovation office. The Higher Degree Policy framework is guided by the principles of Responsible conduct of research including Human Research Ethics Procedure and Managing and Investigating Breaches of Responsible Research Conduct with a clear application of these principles elaborated in the Higher Degree by Research Policy and Higher Degree by Research Procedure and admission and coursework is also supported by English Language Proficiency Requirements, Academic integrity policy, Student conduct policy, Student complaints policy and Enrolment policy.

The Higher Degree by Research Policy and Procedure, the Higher Degree by Research Supervision Policy and Procedure outline clearly outline the roles, responsibilities and requirements of the HDR courses and the delivery of quality supervision to support students to HDR completion.

The following guide the requirements, timelines, and process for examination for students.

  1. Higher Degree by Research Student Progress Procedure
  2. Higher Degree by Research Thesis Submission and Examination Procedure
  3. Higher Degree by Research Thesis Guidelines

Research training funding application and management is clearly outlined in:

  1. Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarships Policy
  2. Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarships Guidelines
  3. Research Training Program Scholarships Application Form

This policy framework is supported by a suite of forms and templates.

The HDR centre is committed to the student experience. Students with a grievance can formally and informally can engage with the grievance process found in the student complaints policy.

Higher Degrees by Research Centre team

Professor Margee Hume
Associate Dean, Higher Degrees by Research

Associate Professor Belinda Moloney
Higher Degrees by Research Candidate Manager

Lauren Dougherty
Higher Degrees by Research Administration Officer

Leah Nerris
Higher Degrees by Research Data & Administration Officer

Contact the HDR team

Affiliated staff members

HDR Directors

Dr. Cindy Lee & Associate Professor Justin Pierce (Business)
Dr. Fiona Chatteur (Design)
Dr. Amy Li (Health)

Research Centre Directors

Professor Ros Cameron, Centre for Organisational Change and Agility (COCA)
Professor Craig McLachlan, Centre for Healthy Futures (CHEF) 
Associate Professor Tony Jan, Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Optimisation (AIRO) 
Professor Paul Ward, Centre for Public Health, Equity and Human Flourishing (PHEHF)
Associate Professor Clare Littleton, Centre for Healthy Sustainable Development (CHSD) 

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