The Higher Degrees by Research community is the foundation of the university’s research and innovation culture. Cultivating novel research outputs and increasing global impact through HDR projects is core to maintaining the university status of Torrens University.

About the centre

Torrens University Australia’s Higher Degrees by Research (HDR) Centre is focused on building a large and vibrant graduate research student cohort. We recognise that this is an essential part of the strong research fabric of the university.

The HDR Centre endeavours to support research at Torrens University and around the world by building the community of HDR students and supporting students through high-quality higher degree research supervision and training.

Higher Degrees by Research courses

The HDR Centre currently offers a Graduate Certificate of Research Studies (2028), Graduate Diploma of Research Studies (2029), Master of Research Studies (2031), Master of Philosophy (2028), Professional Doctorate (2028) and a Doctor of Philosophy (2030).

Fields of education

HDR Student recruitment is aligned to the Fields of Education (02 Information Technology, 06 Health, 07 Education, 08 Management and Commerce, 10 Creative Arts, 11 Food Hospitality and Personal Services and 09 Society and Culture) and offers supervision in the Fields of Research at Torrens University Australia (46 Information and Computing Sciences, 32 Biomedical and Clinical Sciences, 42 Health Sciences, 35 Commerce, Management, Tourism and Services, 33 Built Environment and Design, 44 Human Society).

The vibrant research environment is supported by on-campus HDR training and tutorials, PhD-qualified expert supervisors, an HDR helpdesk, a community of practice, a research seminar series, and world-class facilities, as well as computer, technology and library support on each campus and online.

Higher Degrees by Research values and goals

The HDR centre's values and goals align with Torrens University Australia - Research Strategic Priorities.

  1. Positive relationships with our students and a quality student experience (TUAG1)
  2. Positive relationships with our Torrens University team supervisors, stakeholders, and students (TUA G2)
  3. Progressing students and completions (TUAG3)
  4. Growing students’ numbers and building community (TUAG3)
  5. Positive contribution to the Torrens University and research and innovation strategic goals (TUAG3)
  6. Ethical research conduct and aligned the regulatory environment (TUAG4)

Higher Degrees by Research governance framework

The HDR centre and committee are a subcommittee of the Research Committee which reports to Academic Board and resides in the Research and Innovation office. The Higher Degree Policy framework is guided by the principles of Responsible conduct of research including Human Research Ethics Procedure and Managing and Investigating Breaches of Responsible Research Conduct with a clear application of these principles elaborated in the Higher Degree by Research Policy and Higher Degree by Research Procedure and admission and coursework is also supported by English Language Proficiency Requirements, Academic integrity policy, Student conduct policy, Student complaints policy and Enrolment policy.

The Higher Degree by Research Policy and Procedure, the Higher Degree by Research Supervision Policy and Procedure outline clearly outline the roles, responsibilities and requirements of the HDR courses and the delivery of quality supervision to support students to HDR completion.

The following guide the requirements, timelines, and process for examination for students.

  1. Higher Degree by Research Student Progress Procedure
  2. Higher Degree by Research Thesis Submission and Examination Procedure
  3. Higher Degree by Research Thesis Guidelines

Research training funding application and management is clearly outlined in:

  1. Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarships Policy
  2. Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarships Guidelines
  3. Research Training Program Scholarships Application Form

This policy framework is supported by a suite of forms and templates.

The HDR centre is committed to the student experience. Students with a grievance can formally and informally can engage with the grievance process found in the student complaints policy.

Higher Degrees by Research Centre team

Professor Margee Hume
Dean, Higher Degrees by Research

Associate Professor Belinda Moloney
Higher Degrees by Research Candidate Manager

Lauren Dougherty
Higher Degrees by Research Administration Officer

Leah Nerris
Higher Degrees by Research Data & Administration Officer

Contact the HDR team

Affiliated staff members

HDR Directors

Dr. Cindy Lee & Associate Professor Justin Pierce (Business)
Dr. Fiona Chatteur (Design)
Dr. Amy Li (Health)

Higher Degrees by Research Supervisors

  • FoR 32: Biomedical and Clinical Sciences
    Torrens University Australia Supervisor


    Title Supervision Areas FoR code
    Amber Moore Complementary & Alternative Medicine (CAM), Education 32
    Amy Li Heart Disease, Chronic Disease, Physiology, Gene Sequencing, Proteomics, Human Biobanking 32
    Bhawna Gupta Cancer Epidemiology, Oral Health, Head & Neck Cancers, Oral Cancers, Dental Caries, Periodontitis, Tobacco, Musculo-Skeletal Injuries, Injuries 32
    Calum Downie Ageing, Biomechanics, Anatomy 32
    Cath Rogers Nursing, Health Workforce, Resilience, Spirituality 32
    Craig McLachlan Cardiovascular Pathophysiology, Medical Devices & Industry, Genetics - For Cardiovascular & Metabolic Risk, Clinical Sciences, Public Health - Nepal - Cardiovascular Screening, Kenya - Cardiovascular Health Systems & Ngos, Rare Disease Cognitive & Mental Health In Chronic Conditions Such As CVD, Blood Pressure Targets, Aortic Stiffening On Blood Flow, Cardiac Imaging Studies 32
    Danielle Burgess Perinatal, Endocrinology, Physiology, Mental Health, Through A Physiology & Neuroscience Lens. 32
    Elsa Dent Frailty, Nutrition, Functional Decline, Older People, Sarcopenia 32
    Fahad Hanna Public Health Interventions, Clinical Trials, Prevention, Lifestyle Risk Factors, Chronic Disease Epidemiology, Systematic Review 32
    Hannah Wechkunanukul Public Health, Digital Health, Pharmacy, Cardiovascular Disease, Chronic Disease, Preconception, Ethnicity, Health Education 32

    Adjunct, External Collaborator & Partner


    Title Supervision Areas FoR code
    Hosen Kiat Preventative Medicine, Imaging Medicine, Cardiology, Cardiovascular Medicine 32
    Jen Cooper Qualitative Research, Chronic Disease, Culture, Health Behaviour Change 32
    Jocasta Ball Atrial Fibrillation, Chronic Disease Management, Secondary Prevention, Cardiovascular Disease 32
    Justin Beilby Medicine, Chronic Illness Management, Asthma, Diabetes, Primary Care Financing & Workforce Planning 32
    Melinda Carrington Blood Pressure, Cardiovascular Disease, Socioeconomic Deprivation, Chronic Heart Failure 32
    Melinda Stanners Psychgeriatric Epidemiology, Environmental Health, Qualitative Research 32
    Nathan Barnett Bioinformatics, Neurology, Immunology 32
    Noosha Ehya Biochemistry & Neurobiochemistry, Microbiology, Molecular Biology 32
    Patrick Shearman Information Technology, Aged Care, Positive Computing - HCI 32
    Peter Malliaras Health 32
    Renee Lovi Nursing, Women's Health 32
  • FoR 33: Built Environment and Design
    Torrens University Australia Supervisor

    Title Supervision Areas FoR code
    Kerry London Built Environment 33
    Scott Skipworth Architecture, Built Environment & Design, Philosophy 33
    Scott Thompson-Whiteside Design Policy, Design Management, Design Education, Higher Education Policy & Operations 33
    Zelinna Pablo Built Environment 33

    Adjunct, External Collaborator & Partner

    Title Supervision Areas FoR code
    Mifrah Ahmad Design 33
    Moutaz Alazab Design 33
  • FoR 35: Commerce, Management, Tourism and Services
    Torrens University Australia Supervisor

    Name Supervision Areas Code
    Ali Ahsan Business & Technology Mergers 35
    Anh Tuan Bui Finance, Applied Economics, Business 35
    Anita Manfreda Customer Experience, Luxury Accommodation, Qualitative Methods 35
    Anna Sekhar Women Entrepreneurship & Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Management & Education 35
    Anthos Yannakou Technology Management, Innovation Management, Entrepreneurship, Strategic Management 35
    Arezou Pour Mirza System Dynamics, Business & Management, Information Systems 35
    Ashkan Zarghami Project Management, Complex Systems, Operations Management 35
    Becks Masawi Fiscal Incentives & FDI In North Macedonia, The Evolution Of The CFO Role Using Grounded Theory & Co-Supervising Work In Accounting/Auditing 35
    Catheryn Khoo Tourism Marketing & Management, Gender Studies & Diversity, Asia Pacific Studies. 35
    Cindy Lee Tourist Experience, Tourist Motivation, Tourist Perception, Tourist Photo-Taking, Tourist Photo-Sharing, Tourism & Technology. 35
    Claire Davison Digital Identity, Social Media & Digital Technologies, Women In ICT/STEM 35
    David Macdonald Hospitality 35
    Dipu Sebastian Management, Higher Education 35
    Giao Reynolds Accounting & Industry 4.0, Accounting Curriculum, Corporate Social Responsibility (B Corps Focus) 35
    Greg Harper Coaching, Action Learning, Leadership 35
    Hayden McDonald Accounting, Governance, Indigenous Research 35
    Heinz Herrmann Business Ethics, Artificial Intelligence, Tendering/Competitive Bidding, B2B Sales & Marketing, Science Mapping, Information & Communication Technology (ICT), Decision-Making & Theory 35
    Ibrahim Abdallah Sustainability, Project Management, Risk 35
    Jantanee Dumrak Project Management, Engineering Management, Business Administration 35
    Jintao Zhang International Business, CSR, Strategy, FDI 35
    John Burgess Human Resource Management, Employee Relations, Equality & Diversity, Human Resource Development, Decent Work 35
    Justin Pierce Strategy, Innovation, International Business, Education, Security, Information Systems 35
    Khimji Vaghjiani Innovation, Startups, Data & AI 35
    Kim Miles Tourism 35
    Kris Iyer Economics, Statistics/Econometrics/Research Methods, Finance 35
    Kristian Boehringer Business Law, Introduction To Law, Comparative Law 35
    Leela Waheed Research Instrument, Assessment, Development Employing Rasch Measurement Model With Validity Models 35
    Leonie Newnham Workplace Innovation & Culture, Public Sector Management, Innovation & Culture, Future Of Work Including Agile Workplaces, Innovation & Culture 35
    Madalyn Scerri Frontline Service Providers, Customer Service Delivery & Service Experiences, Value Co-Creation, Disaster Management 35
    Margee Hume Strategy, Innovation, & Business Ecosystems 35
    Olga Junek International Education, Tourism & Hospitality Management, Graduate Skills, Event Management, Cross-Cultural Issues In Tourism & Hospitality 35
    Paul Cerotti Globalization, Digital Transformation, Student Global Capabilities 35
    Rachel Lamarche-Beauchesne Consumer Behaviour, Marketing, Fashion 35
    Ros Cameron HRM, Leadership, Diversity Equity & Inclusion 35
    Rowan Machaka Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability, Business Strategy 35
    Sabiha Akhter Economics, Finance, Learning & Teaching 35
    Samudi Perera Sustainability, Supply Chain, Lean 35
    Sarah Baker Design & Social Justice, Design Methodologies, Alternative Economies 35

    Adjunct, External Collaborator & Partner

    Name Supervision Areas FoR code
    Aaron Wijeratne Leadership, Organisational Behaviour, Emotions 35
    Al Rainnie Labor Geography, Future Of Work/Workers, Regional Development 35
    Alan Nankervis Human Resource Management, International HRM, Comparative Asian HRM 35
    Beulah Moses Artificial Intelligence, Quality In Education, Academic Integrity, Cyber Security 35
    Dimuthu Ekanayake Financial Accounting, Management & Cost Accounting, Economics 35
    Edmund Goh Hospitality Management, Tourism Management, Marketing 35
    Edwin Tongoi Regulation Of Digital Financial Services, Mobile Money Regulation, Commercial/Corporate Law 35
    Gillies Ambler Spirituality, Grief & Wellbeing, Practical Theology 35
      Management, Leadership, Social Sciences (Philosophy & Politics), Policing & Criminology, Defence & Security, Resilience & Business Continuity 35
    Hugo Presser Film & Television, Media, Screen Studies 35
    Hurriyet Babacan Social Work, Education Systems, Environmental Science & Management 35
    Kijung Choi Consumer Behaviour In Tourism & Hospitality, Travel & Technologies, Hospitality HRM, Tourism & Hospitality Education 35
    Louis Taborda Project & Portfolio Governance, Systems Development & Integration, Experiential Learning Pedagogy 35
    Mandi Baker Leisure (Hospitality, Sport & Tourism), Sociology Of Leisure & Work In Leisure Sectors, Outdoor Sectors (Education, Recreation, Tourism, Therapy, Summer & Recreational Camps), Emotional Labour Or Emotion Work, Youth Employment, Positive Youth Development, Gender Experiences Of Leisure & Recreation (Particularly Employment In), Post-Structuralism, Power Relations, Subjectivities & Subjectification & Technologies Of Self, Inclusion, Equity & Justice 35
    Melanie Dare International Business, Leadership, Organisational Change, Human Resources 35
    Mohammad Kadir Psychology, Public Health, Health Promotion, Health Behaviour, Behaviour Change, Water Sanitation Hygiene, H&-Washing, Physical Activity, Walking, Health Risk Perception. Social Marketing. 35
    Nuria Recuero Virto Cultural Tourism Marketing, Edtech, Neuromarketing 35
    Paolo Mura Tourism & Gender, Tourist Behaviour (Several Aspects Of Tourist Behaviour, Including Emotional Experiences, Spirituality, Deviant Behaviour, Subcultures In Tourism, Art & Culture, Young Tourists), Phd Students In Tourism Academia - Experiences & Emotions, Qualitative Tourism Research 35
    Philip Lawn Ecological Economics, Sustainable Development Indicators, Modern Monetary Theory 35
    Rajesh Johnsam Leadership, Organisational Behaviour, Innovation & Technology 35
    Rajka Presbury Australian Luxury Specialist Accommodation Experiences, Leadership In Hospitality, Australian Brushfires, Hotel Management 35
    Scott Richardson Tourism & Hospitality (All Areas Except Finance) 35
    Yuan Gao Business 35
  • FoR 42: Health Sciences
    Torrens University Australia Supervisor

    Name Supervision Areas Code
    Accamma Oommen Nursing, Child Health, Neonatal Nursing 42
    Alex Gavino Digital Health, Rural Health, Public Health, Health Informatics, Cardiovascular Health, Community Health Screening 42
    Belinda Lunnay Public &/Or Population & Preventative Health, Social Approaches To Understanding Health Inequities, Qualitative Research. 42
    Chandana Unnithan Health Informatics, Health Technologies, Population Health Analytics 42
    Clare Littleton Public Health With A Specific Focus On Children, Social & Political Determinants Of Health, Health Equity, Education & Health Policy. 42
    Greg Connolly Medical Anthropology, Qualitative Social Health Research, Complementary & Traditional Medicine Intersecting With Biomedical Health Systems 42
    Hailay Gesesew Public Health 42
    Jude Taylor Cardiovascular Disease & Obesity, Neuro-Immunology & Neuro-Inflammation, Cancer Genetics & Pathology, Experimental Pathology, Immunology & Infectious Disease, Human Genetics & Disease 42
    Lillian Mwanri Global Health, Migrants Health & Public Heath General, Medicine & Social Sciences, Communicable & Non-Communicable Disease 42
    Michelle Mars Sex & Sexuality, Gender, Wellness & Wellbeing, Wellbeing & Tourism, Yoga, Psychotherapy, The Impact On Technology On Communication & Intimacy 42
    Munim Mannan Non-Communicable Disease, Particularly Obesity, Diabetes & Depression. 42
    Nelsenius Fauk Public Health 42
    Paul Aylward Primary Health Care & Public Health Evaluation, Mental Health (Maternal & Refugee), Illicit Drug Use & Harm Reduction Approaches. 42
    Paul Ward Public Health 42
    Rachel Ambagtsheer Geriatrics & Gerontology, Health Services Research, Public Health 42
    Selva Shan Health Management & Health Systems, Health Service Delivery & Policy, Chronic Disease 42

    Adjunct, External Collaborator & Partner

    Name Supervision Areas Code
    Hom Nath Chalise Social Gerontology, Public Health, Monitoring & Evaluation 42
    Katy Osborne Social Determinants Of Health & Health Inequities: Including Gender & Location As Determinants Of Health, Community Development & Community Participation, Qualitative & Mixed Research Methods 42
    Linda Slack-Smith Public Health, Inequities, Oral Health 42
    Maximilian P de Courten Public Health, Health Promotion, Health Policy, Chronic Disease Prevention, Health Systems, Chronic Disease Surveillance, Epidemiology 42
    Philip Dalinjong Maternal Health, Health Policy, Health Systems, Health Economics 42
  • FoR 46: Information and Computing Sciences
    Torrens University Australia Supervisor


    Name Supervision Areas Code
    Ammar Alazab Cyber Security: IoT Security, AI For Cybersecurity, Malware Analysis & Cybercrime Investigation & Forensics, Data Science: Algorithms/Techniques: Hyper-Heuristics, Evolutionary Computation, Automatic Design Of Optimization Methodology, Machine Learning, Automatic Design Of Deep Learning Methods & Meta-Learning Approaches, Emerging Technologies: (AI). Blockchain, IoT, VR & AR 46
    Amr Adel Information Systems, Industry 5.0, Smart Infrastructures 46
    Aslıhan Tece Bayrak Game Design/Development, Human Computer Interaction 46
    Azi Shirrafiardekani Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Statistical Analytics 46
    Aaron Bere Digital Technology Adoption, Impact Of Educational Technologies, Machine Learning Systems 46
    Ali Mirjalili Artificial Intelligence 46
    Ali Saher Biomedical Education, Educational Technologies In Tertiary Institutions, Cardiovascular Biology 46
    Mifrah Ahmad Game technologies for education 46
    Belinda Moloney Information Technology & Systems, Higher Education Teaching & Learning, Leadership & Governance. 46
    Chris McCutcheon Esports, Games & F&OM, Sport Ontology & Philosophy, Exploitation & Entrepreneurship, Cosplay & Streaming, Events Management 46
    Fiona Chatteur Design, Educational Technology, Design Pattern Languages, UX/UI, Games Design, Graphic Design 46
    Ian Storey Cybersecurity/Information Security, Risk Analysis In Information Security, Control Theory/Suspension Control 46
    Imran Khaliq Automata Theory, Algorithmic Games, Computer Games, Virtual Reality 46
    Meiru Che Software Engineering (Software Architecture & Design, Software Evolution, Software Testing, Empirical Study In Software Engineering), Mobile Software System Analysis, Synergy Between Software Engineering & AI (SE For AI, & AI For SE) 46
    Michelle Douglas Design Culture, Design Innovation, Human/User-Centred Design, Design Value & Economies, Design Policy, Co-Design 46
    Mike Watts Artificial Intelligence, Computational Ecology, Data Mining 46
    Moe Assoum Infectious Disease Epidemiology, Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Disease Modelling, Randomised Controlled Trials (RCTS) 46
    Muhammad Atif Qureshi Software Architecture & Business Analysis, Software Governance, & Meta Data Modelling. 46
    Nandini Sidnal Semantic Web & Big Data Analytics, Soft Computing & Expert Systems, Contemporary Learning & Teaching Methodologies 46
    Nardine Basta Vehicular Network, Zero Trust Networks, 5G 46
    Nirzhar Saha Cyber Data Analytics & Machine Learning, D2X Communication & Iot Network Optimization, UAV Communication & Optimization, Health Informatics, Cyber Data Analytics & Machine Learning, Communication & Iot Network Architecture, UAV Communication Applications 46
    Philip Whiting Circular Economy & Sustainability, Design-Led Research, Design Thinking, Innovation & Creativity, Problem Based Learning, 2D & 3D Branding 46
    Ranju Mandal Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing 46
    Ranpreet Kaur Artificial Intelligence- Machine Learning & Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Biomedical Image Processing & Related Areas 46
    Ritu Sharma Student Engagement & Retention, Social Media In Education & Business, Cybersecurity & Business Analytics 46
    Shazi Saremi Augmented Reality, Gesture Recognition, Human Computer Interaction, Optimization, Information Technology 46
    Kamran Shaukat Machine learning for smart application and digital automation. 46
    Khimji Vaghjiani To be advised 46
    MD (Wahid) Whaiduzzaman Distributed computing - cloud computing, fog computing, edge computing and smart industry automations. 46
    Mifrah Ahmad Game technologies for education 46
    Ratna Saha To be advised 46
    Sarah Immanuel To be advised 46
    Supriya Supriya Brain signal analysis, statistical learning and decision analytics 46
    Tayab Memon Control engineering, conditional monitoring. 46
    Thien Nguyen Computer networking and communication engineering. 46
    Tony Jan Machine learning for cybersecurity, smart industries, edge computing and IoT security. 46

    Adjunct, External Collaborator & Partner


    Name Supervision Areas Code
    Ali Safaa Sadiq Wireless Networks, Artificial Intelligent Applications & Meta-Heuristic Optimisation 46
    Andrew Cunningham Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Computer Science, Information Visualisation, Narrative Visualisation, Human-Computer Interaction, Human-Machine Interfaces 46
    James Calvert Virtual Reality, Educational Technology, Interactive Media, 3D Design & Animation 46
    Nguyen (Beo) Thai Consumer Behaviour, Experimental Design, Choice Overload 46
    Niusha Shafiabady Artificial Intelligence, Prediction, Optimisation 46

Research Centre Directors

Professor Ros Cameron, Centre for Organisational Change and Agility (COCA)
Professor Craig McLachlan, Centre for Healthy Futures (CHEF) 
Associate Professor Tony Jan, Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Optimisation (AIRO) 
Professor Paul Ward, Centre for Public Health, Equity and Human Flourishing (PHEHF)
Associate Professor Clare Littleton, Centre for Healthy Sustainable Development (CHSD) 

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