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COCA aspires to create a collegial and vibrant culture to support research excellence, collaboration and innovation to enable us to solve real world problems and deliver sustainable impact.

About the centre

COCA focuses on sustainable solutions for key commercial and societal challenges within the context of globalisation, climate change, the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) and other trends. We embed our research with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as we seek to engage in impactful research. Our practice-informed research approach spans research topics from finance and global project management, global supply and value to leadership, business systems and organisational behaviour.


Professor Roslyn Cameron, Centre Director

Professor Cameron is Co-Convenor of the Mixed Methods Research Special Interest Group of Australia and New Zealand Academy of Management, a Board Member of Mixed Methods International Research Association (MMIRA), and a member of the Australian Human Resource Institute Advisory Research Panel in Australia. She has been awarded research grants for research into workforce development, skilled migration, workforce employability and the future of work. Professor Cameron leads our Human Resource Management cluster.

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Guest speaker
As we navigate these extraordinary times characterised by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, it is of utmost importance that we engage in research that assists people and industry to ride the transformational tsunami of constant change and adaption.
Professor Roslyn Cameron
COCA Centre Director

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  • Banking, Financial Services and Insurance and Accounting
    Our research provides a holistic view for “big picture” insights from research at the front end through to deployment in practice. Contributions towards financial and accounting innovation that is beneficial to society as well as research methodologies. Focus areas include applications in Smart Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Algorithms (STARA), qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods research, and primary, secondary and systematic data reviews.
  • Business Information Systems
    Acting as the conduit between Information Technology and Business, these are large and encompassing topics reflected in the diverse nature of this cluster. Our research ranges from highly technical fields, including machine learning and analytics through to the business impact of new technologies, strategies and transformation and focusses on cybersecurity, women and diversity in STEM, business analytics, and digital transformation.
  • Customer and Service Experience
    This cluster focusses on contemporary customer and service experiences in hospitality, tourism and related service and business industries, including current and emerging challenges affecting the industries globally and in Australia. Foci include design, delivery and management of contemporary customer experiences, leadership, education and skill development for the hospitality workforce of the future, and contemporary tourism experiences, authenticity and travel motivations.
  • Human Resource Management
    Focused on the impacts of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) and associated digital technologies on industry and people including skills and competencies needed of professions, and the impacts of these technologies on the future of work. Foci include impact of Smart technology, Artificial intelligence, Robotics and Algorithms (STARA) on the future of work, skilled migration and regional sustainability, and leadership and management development.
  • Project Management
    Creating research synergies from interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary perspectives to address emerging and future challenges for industry projects and project management in Industry 4.0, with a focus on construction projection management, strategic project management, and complexity and systems thinking in project management.

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Our partnerships are national and international with organisations that align with our Be Good Principles. Partnerships are developed at an individual, group, centre and institutional level and align with our university research themes and build our reputation and profile.

Meet our researchers

Professor John Burgess

Professor Burgess has received numerous Discovery, Linkage, and International ARC grants and is a grant reviewer for national


Madalyn Scerri | Torrens University
Dr. Madalyn Scerri

Dr. Scerri is a senior lecturer and research fellow at Torrens University whose research focuses on service communication dynamics for the


Dr. Jantanee Dumrak

Dr. Dumrak’s research interests include complexity and resilience in project management, systems thinking, project management


Dr. Heinz Herrmann
Dr. Heinz Herrmann

Dr. Herrmann is an adjunct professor in the Australian Graduate School of Leadership at Torrens University. He is a member of scientific


Becks Malawi | Torrens University
Dr. Becksndale Masawi

Dr. Masawi has a PhD in Finance and is a researcher and lecturer in economics and finance at Torrens University. His professional experience


Tarikul Islam | Torrens University
Dr. Tarikul Islam

Dr. Islam’s research interests include governance, upgrading, value co-creation, resilience, innovation and sustainability in global


Cindy Lee | Torrens University
Dr. Cindy Lee

Dr. Lee is a senior learning facilitator and a passionate researcher at Torrens University whose research interests include the tourist


Cindy Lee | Torrens University
Dr. Giao Reynolds

Dr. Reynolds is Program Director (Accounting) at Torrens University whose research focuses on Fourth Industrial Revolution accounting industry


Dr. Heinz Herrmann
Professor Kerry London

Professor London is Pro Vice-Chancellor Research at Torrens University Australia. She has published more than 200 peer reviewed


Mandi Barker | Torrens University
Dr. Mandi Baker

Dr. Baker is a research fellow and lecturer at Torrens University whose research interests include emotional demands


Dr. Gregory Harper
Dr. Gregory Harper

Dr. Harper came to academe after a successful consulting career. He leads a team of Associate Deans, Program Directors in the Business and


Arezou Pour Mirza | Torrens University

Dr. Arezou Pour Mirza

Dr. Pour Mirza specialises in Business Analytics, Information Systems and is the first Australian female academic who holds the MIT University’s

Alan Nankervis | Torrens University
Adjunct Professor Alan Nankervis

Adjunct Professor Nankervis has over 30 years experience as an academic at WSU, Curtin and RMIT; teaching and research experience at


Dr. Gregory Harper
Dr. Zelinna Pablo

Dr. Pablo is a multidisciplinary researcher who uses interpretivist approaches, qualitative techniques and theories of socio-materiality,


Ali Ahsan | Torrens University
Dr. Ali Ahsan

Dr. Ahsan specialises in the field of Business and Technology and has extensive managerial and technical experience. Over the years, he had the


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