Featured Research

Torrens University’s featured research projects showcase the latest research on social, health, infrastructure, and socio-economic issues that our researchers are collaborating with industry, government, and other universities on to make a global impact. Our researchers explore some of the greatest challenges facing our society currently, and these case studies illustrate their accomplishments, methodology and how these initiatives can be used in industry, government, and social sectors.

Arc discovery

Addressing Australia’s housing crisis

ARC Discovery Project

Australia's housing crisis is due to a 40% increase in the average construction time. The housing industry is fragmented, and a solution is offsite manufacturing. Our research calls for a collaborative practice-based model to increase the uptake of offsite manufacturing.
Featured Research NHMRC

Using virtual technology to test new heart devices

NHMRC Development Grant

Heart failure affects more than 530,000 adults in Australia, including a significant part of the aging population. Our research features a model that allows medical devices to be applied and tested virtually - potentially helping patients with hypertensive heart failure.
Educating women about alcohol and breast cancer risks | Featured Research

Educating women about alcohol and breast cancer risks

ARC Discovery Project

Recent statistics show that middle-aged Australian women are drinking more. This research looks at how the consumption of alcohol increases the risk of breast cancer, how women in different socio-economic groups relate to risks and how best to reach them with behaviour-changing information.
ARC linkage

Collaborative ways to address housing crisis

ARC Linkage Project

Work health and safety issues on construction sites can lead to costly mistakes, less productivity and more risks. The International Standards Organisation has drafted a new standard using computer modelling to improve safety. Torrens University led this research with the NSW Government’s Centre for Work Health and Safety and Western Sydney University.
Arc Discovery

Computer modelling to improve safety on construction sites

NSW State Government Project

The Australian housing industry is failing to meet demand and there has been a 40% increase in average construction time over the last 15 years. This research looked at the development of supply chain theory and practice with case study analysis, collaborative models for housing supply chains and provided evidence to inform government policy for housing.
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