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Our multidisciplinary team connects biological systems with community networks to provide precise and accessible health solutions.

About the centre

CHEF identifies translational targets for prospective management of chronic conditions at the individual and community level. We focus on a personalised understanding of complex disease pathways where mechanisms of chronic and rare diseases can be identified. We consider individual variability and the interaction of mental and physical wellbeing as part of the health journey.

Wellbeing and disease are complex concepts driven by a combination of biological mechanisms, environmental, lifestyle, psychological and socio-economic factors.

Our goal is to understand mechanisms of disease and use new knowledge that will result in the development of new interventions and treatments, including medical devices. We also appreciate that any solution to improve disease outcomes requires a broader well-planned integration with local and international health systems.

Professor Craig McLachlan, Centre Director

Professor McLachlan's research interests span translational health and medicine. His current focus is on equitable medical devices, rural health, health services provision in developing countries, community screening for cardiovascular disease, and understanding genetics and inflammatory pathways contributing to disease. He leads our research clusters, Global Health - Communities and Health, Medical Device Innovation and co-leads Life and Complex Disease - Chronic Disease.

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Developing health solutions and new knowledge to improve health and wellbeing in global communities.
Professor Craig McLachlan
CHEF Centre Director

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  • Global Health - Communities and Health
    We focus on health solutions including Nepalese cardiovascular health, community health (obesity and cardiovascular risk), Kenyan health systems and public health in general. In rural Australia, we wish to understand environmental drivers for disease, while in Nepal, we are seeking to develop solutions and knowledge for sustainable blood pressure management, and in Kenya we are exploring sustainable expansion of cardiovascular health systems.
  • Innovation - Medical Device Innovation
    This cluster focuses on medical device innovation in cardiovascular devices for improving blood flow, as well as neuroscience devices and digital health solutions. We have an interest in advanced simulation for modelling vascular flow and device interaction and are also developing energy efficient devices, including self-powered.
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  • Life and Complex Disease - Chronic Disease
    This cluster explores complex disease by using clinical and biological data to understand drivers of disease and to identify potential new treatments. We use big data tools and resources such as Biobanks, Bioinformatics, Bayesian statistical and epidemiological modelling to understand the biological mechanisms of disease. Furthermore, using these tools and resources assists in generating new knowledge and focus on cardiovascular disease, metabolic health and obesity, and clinical sciences and therapeutic targets.

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Our partnerships are national and international with organisations that align with our Be Good Principles. Partnerships are developed at an individual, group, centre and institutional level and align with our university research themes and build our reputation and profile.

Meet our researchers

Amy LI | Torrens University
Associate Professor Amy Li

Professor Li has over a decade of training in cardiovascular physiology and biophysics and has focused on understanding the mechanisms


CHEF | Torrens University

Dr Teresa Cheng

Dr Cheng is a research fellow assistant under Professor Craig McLachlan and contributes to both the research and administration of the


Hassan Assareh | Torrens University
Dr Hassan Assareh

Dr Assareh is a Torrens University Adjunct and Senior Analyst at NSW Health-Agency for Clinical Innovation qualified in Industrial and


Jude Taylor | Torrens University
Dr Jude Taylor

Dr Taylor performs a pivotal role in driving bioinformatics research at CHEF and undertakes novel and fundamental human genomics-based


Alex Gavino | Torrens University
Dr Alex Gavino

Dr Gavino is a Fellow with CHEF and a Senior Learning Facilitator in Public Health and Digital Health at Torrens University. Dr Gavino holds a


Dr Daya Ram Parajuli
Dr Daya Ram Parajuli

Dr Parajuli is a lecturer of Epidemiology and Biostatistics at Torrens University Australia.


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