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Our free online short courses are designed to teach you about the power of sport as a platform for change. It will empower you with the knowledge and tools on how you can use sport to change the world.

The power of sport

Sport has the power to transcend culture, connect audiences and inspire people from all walks of life. It’s also become a powerful platform for speaking out on issues of social justice and human rights.

These free online short courses have been developed in collaboration with Australian soccer legend and human rights activist Craig Foster to give you an understanding of how to facilitate and support the sporting industry’s role in promoting global good.

Designed to be relevant to a range of interests, from sports management to community services, these eight to ten-hour courses explore the history of sports activism, the changing landscape and the global challenges of modern sport through interviews with athletes who are leading the charge for change.

Make a positive impact through sport

Watch this video to find out what you can expect from our Sport for Good short courses and our exciting athlete collaborations.

Discover Sport for Good

These free online short courses are delivered in four parts, each designed to emphasise the increased focus of the industry on a certain aspect of social responsibility. Complete the courses in your own time, and learn how the platform of sport can be used to make the world a better place.

Short Courses | Sports for Good | Sport and Society | Torrens University
Sport and Society
Learn about the evolving role of sport in the global social and political landscape of the 21st century, and explore opportunities for athletes and organisations to advocate for change.
Short Courses | Sports for Good | Sport Leadership in a New World | Torrens University
Sport Leadership in a New World
Sport has always had a social and political role beyond the field of play but in today’s hyper-connected world, that role is even more important.
Short Courses | Sports for Good | Sport and Human Rights | Torrens University
Sport and Human Rights
Explore the intersection between sport and social justice- discover how human rights laws are increasingly influencing the infrastructure and management of sport around the world.
Short Courses | Sports for Good | Sport as a voice for change | Torrens University
Sport as a Voice for Change
As sporting bodies have sought to limit their ability to speak out for social justice or human rights, athletes have discovered the power of their voice.

Learn from sports' champions of change

Throughout these courses, Australian football champion and human rights activist Craig Foster will interview key sporting personalities who are leading the way. They’ll share their inspirational stories and discuss how they’re using their voices to drive change for the global good. Here are just a few of the athletes that are on the journey with you.

Short Courses | Sports for Good | Sonny Bill Williams | Testimonial
Sonny Bill Williams
Former All Black New Zealand Rugby Union Footballer | Heavyweight Boxer | Former Professional Rugby League and Rugby Union Player | Human Rights Activist
Short Courses | Sports for Good | Asma Elbadawi | Testimonial
Asma Elbadawi

Professional Basketballer | Sports Inclusivity Activist | Spoken Word Poet

Short Courses | Sports for Good | Adam Goodes | Testimonial
Adam Goodes
Former Professional Australian Rules Footballer | Indigenous Rights Activist | Member of the Indigenous Team of the Century
Short Courses | Sports for Good | David Pocock | Testimonial
David Pocock
Former Professional Rugby Union Player | Environmental Activist
Short Courses | Sports for Good | Kathryn Gill | Testimonial
Kathryn Gill
Co-Chief Executive, PFA | Australian Professional Soccer Player & Former Matildas Captain | Gender Equality Activist
Short Courses | Sports for Good | Sir Bryan Williams | Testimonial
Sir Bryan Williams

Former All Black New Zealand Rugby Union Footballer | Former Coach of The Samoan National Rugby Team

Short Courses | Sports for Good | Brendan Schwab | Testimonial
Brendan Schwab

Executive Director of the World Player Association | Australian Sports Administrator | Trade Union Official and Lawyer - specialising in labour law and human rights law

Short Courses | Sports for Good | Mary Harvey | Testimonial
Mary Harvey

Chief Executive Centre for Sport and Human Rights | International Advisory Council | Former Senior Executive at FIFA

Meet Adjunct Professor Craig Foster

As our relationship with the sport sector grows, Craig Foster is a valuable addition to our team. His expertise builds on our strong track record of partnering with the world’s best-known athletes and brands to deliver educational programs and impact.

Craig believes the global sport industry, as a highly visible and influential social institution, is capable of changing the world by increasing equality and improving human rights. He cites high-profile athletes such as Naomi Osaka, LeBron James and Australia’s own Adam Goodes as demonstrating exemplary leadership and pushing for a new vision of sport that stands publicly against all forms of social injustice.

Following a celebrated football career playing for Australia’s national team, the Socceroos, Craig became one of the country’s most respected broadcasters with an 18-year, award-winning role at SBS Australia. Today, in addition to his new role as Adjunct Professor of Sport and Social Responsibility at Torrens University, Craig works across a vast range of social programs.

Be part of changing the game
Short Courses | Sports for Good | Be Good

Our pledge to Be Good

The Sport for Good online short courses are another example of our unwavering commitment to our values, in particular, to Be Good. As a proud certified B Corporation business, we believe it is up to all of us to make the world a better place.
Sport for Good Digital Badge

Sport for Good Digital Badge

The ‘Sport for Good’ digital badge is a unique, verified credential that you can present online to employers or institutions, and share on LinkedIn or other social media. Earning this badge signifies you have learned how you can use your voice, your position in the sports industry or your love of the game to make a positive impact in the world.

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