MBA student's study experience at Torrens University

MBA student Marco Chiu

After selling my pharmacy, I pursued Torrens University's MBA for continuous learning. The online format allowed flexibility, balancing family, work, and study.

The MBA honed my business, management, and leadership skills, offering enduring rewards. I recommend Torrens University's MBA for ambitious career development.

Fresh off selling my pharmacy business, I was eager for a break to unwind. However, my wife suggested I pursue further studies. I pondered my options and decided to look into studying management, an area not extensively covered in my previous pharmacy courses, but an area that I was really interested in and could see its future value. After researching educational options, I enrolled in a Graduate Certificate with Torrens University.

What began as a small step soon turned into a giant leap. I had a newfound desire for continuous learning emerged. More drive, more motivation, more knowledge—I craved it all. This led me to embark on the full Master of Business Administration (On Demand MBA) course with Torrens University.

Torrens University provided me with a unique and enriching experience. I had the privilege of learning from industry experts and knowledgeable academics. My favourite subject was Organisational Best Practice where I learned a plethora of principles, theories, tools, and approaches to assist me in continuously optimising pharmacy business operations.

The flexibility to study online at my own pace, coupled with engaging discussions and interactive projects, made the learning process captivating. Because I was studying online, I was able to juggle and balance my resources between family, work and study, without making significant sacrifices.

The MBA honed my business, management, and leadership skills and instilled a habit of self-reflection. It empowered me to critically evaluate and challenge conventional wisdom in various aspects of life.

Undoubtedly, pursuing an MBA demands passion, dedication, and resources. Embracing this journey and persistently appreciating the teachings it offers yield enduring rewards and life-changing benefits.

Today, I am using the degree to benefit every aspect of what my role entails. Paying close attention to the pharmacy's best operational practices ensures it complies with relevant professional and legislative requirements, at the same time making good economic decisions to warrant profitability. Managing a team of talents and liaising with stakeholders requires leadership and communication skills, whilst pharmacy business development calls for strategic insight and marketing apprehension.

I would recommend studying an MBA with Torrens University to anyone who is ambitious to further develop their career and passionate about what they do. With an MBA degree, whatever you are able to do now, you will be able to do better.

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