Welcome to Torrens

Torrens University Australia brings a fresh, modern, careers-focussed perspective to higher education. Here’s what that means for you…

With its administrative and key teaching and research activities located in Adelaide, Torrens is a university with an international footprint offering a growing range of degree courses to students all over Australia and into the Asia-Pacific region. Utilising innovative campuses in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, we aim to bring learning as close to you as possible.

The University is part of Laureate International Universities, the largest network of universities and higher education institutions in the world. Currently, this network consists of over 80 institutions across 28 countries on all 5 continents with more than 1,000,000 students spread over some 150 campuses. Until recently, Bill Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States, served as Honorary Chancellor of Laureate International Universities and officially launched the University in Adelaide in July 2014.

Each Laureate institution reflects the traditions and cultural characteristics of the country in which it operates. One feature is common throughout the network, namely, the mission to make quality higher education accessible and affordable to students to achieve their personal and career goals.

In developing its degree courses, Torrens is able to draw on the vast experience and resources in education that have been developed within this network. This makes the degree courses offered by the University unique in their global aspect, the quality of the learning materials, up-to-date learning methodologies and the use of technology to enrich the learning experience. Experts in curricula design and learning, technology and media have combined to design Torrens’ academic courses to reflect the learning environment and technical capabilities, professional and organisational challenges of the 21st century. Torrens’ courses are offered online, on campus or a mix of both, across a number of national campuses, allowing students to decide where and which mode of study suits them and the various demands on their time.

Based on my prolonged involvement in designing, teaching and administering higher education courses over 25 years, I believe that the quality and unique learning experience and outcomes that our courses will provide are first rate.

Torrens’ mission is to provide excellent academic courses aimed at preparing students to become socially engaged, work-ready and to develop a global perspective. We are designing educational courses that will fit with your lifestyle and career goals.

Please join me in creating an exciting future for Torrens University Australia.



Professor Justin Beilby
Vice-Chancellor, Torrens University Australia