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Sport Development student opens Football League in Mumbai

Our ambitious graduate, Tyler Norton, tells us about his role managing a football league in India.

Tyler is a graduate of Diploma of Sport Development and is currently working towards his dream of managing an elite football league in Mumbai, India. He has already helped set-up a competitive football league called The Roots Academy located in Mumbai. The company has plans to expand and coach underprivileged children, empower young women, and support the community. Tyler’s commitment to developing sport in this community aligns with Laureates Here for good initiatives which many of our students focus on through their studies.

Read more to discover how studying with us led him to pursue his dreams in India.

What were you doing before you started studying?

I had been acting in movies, TV commercials and TV shows.

Why did you choose to study Sport Development?

I chose the course as it offered the ideal blend I was looking for. It had the technical, theoretical and real-life skills that I wanted to apply in the sports. It also seemed to offer the most interesting subjects that catered to the area I wanted to learn and improve in.

Diploma of Sports Development

Did you study online, on campus or both?

I studied online. It worked for me because it allowed me to travel and apply what I was learning daily in a sporting arena.

What was your favourite part about studying with us?

I’m a big fan of the variety of subjects it offers. They are all conducive to understanding the day to day operations it takes to be involved in sports development as well as the practical side of elements applied on the field.

What advice would you give aspiring students?

Approach the course open-minded. It has a lot to offer and an array of skills that are used regularly even in personal life. Ensure the assignments are completed properly once. Re-submitting is no fun.

Diploma of Sports Development

Describe the type of work you do and your typical workday:

I coach teams including a team of Bollywood celebrities. We are starting our own League in Mumbai, India, then working on marketing to expansion the business. We’re doing research of our competitors, getting sponsors on board, creating the website and covering all social media aspects of the business.

We have set up ‘The Roots Academy’ in Mumbai, and within 5 weeks we’ve already managed to start a competitive League with over 75 registered players. We’re also training some of the biggest celebrities in the world and the next step is to coach a variety of children from wealthy families as well as deliver free training for underprivileged children. Following that, we will start our Girls League which promises to be huge.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I’d love to be managing a football (soccer) league in India at an elite level.

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