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Graduate Certificate of Entrepreneurship., Torrens University

Creating the future, one Entrepreneur at a time

Out of over 500 graduates today, 10 were the first ever to graduate with a Graduate Certificate of Entrepreneurship.

This course was a collaboration between Australian entrepreneur, author and creative director, Lisa Messenger of The Collective Hub, and Torrens University. These bold business students have worked tirelessly together to land feet first at the finish line.

“The journey of every student, whether they be an entrepreneur or intrapreneur, will be different”, Lisa said. This unique curriculum was shaped by the experiences and insights of industry leaders who have both stumbled and found true success, while incorporating elements of gamification, collaboration and mentoring.


Pictured: Gregory Harper (Pro Vice Chancellor, Business), Fiona Francis, Justin Beilby (Vice Chancellor and Academic Director), Prudence Office, Linda Brown (CEO Laureate Australia), Marie-Nicole Roberts, Jennie Elizabeth Geisker and Justin Peirce (MBA Program Director).

Fiona Francis

Fiona’s goal is to build a business that supports working families. As a mother of 3, working and studying, Fiona saw the impact that families in rural areas in Australia can suffer when trying to maintain a work-life balance. Looking to complete further mindfulness training, she believes this course has allowed her to introspectively re-evaluate herself.

“This online course fast-tracked the evolution of my ideas in a supportive, expert environment that has enabled me to try, fail, and try again. I have learnt to manage my emotions and emotional intelligence, through applying more assertiveness at work. Building resilience, protecting myself and putting my interests and goals at the forefront.”

LinkedIn: Fiona Francis
Instagram: @heartfulmomentGraduate Certificate of Entrepreneurship., Torrens University

Prue Officer

For Prudence, graduating meant kicking goals! Growing up Prue was told by teachers she wouldn’t excel, given her academic challenges with dyslexia and ADD.

Standing proudly on stage accepting her certificate, she shared some insight for other students and entrepreneurs who may not currently have the right support to enable them to grow.

“I enrolled in this course at 4am one winter morning. I couldn’t sleep. I was restless knowing that as each year rolled on I was reaching milestones for someone else, and not making a footprint of my own. I wanted to gain the clarity to express myself, and make my goals clear and achievable. Being able to do something when everyone says you can’t, really drives you to excel. I didn’t just graduate with a degree, I graduated with confidence, and nobody can take that away from me now.”

LinkedIn: Prue Officer
Instagram: @maneandfeather 

Graduate Certificate of Entrepreneurship., Torrens University


Jennie Geisker

Jennie has seen her entrepreneurial venture steadily grow, through applying skills and resources from her course into her career. You can see the spark in her eye, as Jennie passionately describes her business,

“The Shirt Muse is an Australian fashion brand that encompasses the 21st century muse. She’s ambitious, elegant, confident and courageous. I want to reiterate, confidence is more than just your CV. I’ve created a platform to give women fashionable corporate wardrobes that are 100% Australian made. 

I wanted the support to feed off other creative people, and this course enabled me the platform to build my networks and forge lasting relationships. My final subject was the hardest, as I had to juggle between being a new mum, study and my business. I’m so proud of where I’m at, at this point in my life, and I’m so glad to have the support around me.”

Instagram: @the_shirt_muse

Graduate Certificate of Entrepreneurship., Torrens University

Marie Nicole Roberts

Marie-Nicole has several years of entrepreneurialism under her belt, predominantly in photography, so she wanted to take this course to really flesh out her business ideas and turn her passion into a reality.

“I wanted to turn my hobby into an established and considered brand. I’m a creative mum who wanted to pursue her passions. CreatorsNest is the birth-child of my creativity. It’s where ideas are conceived, incubated and can take flight. I help women sustain their professional identity alongside motherhood, which was pivotal for me. Through providing a space for women to connect and collaborate, and the opportunity to build their creative profession, passion for life and feel supported along the way.”

LinkedIn: Marie Nicole Roberts
Instagram: @creatorsnest

Graduate Certificate of Entrepreneurship., Torrens University


Marie-Nicole, The Creators Nest


The strategic thinking interwoven in the course content, along with the academic and industry support saw these students be empowered by their creativity, challenged by their ideas, and enabled to live their lives to the fullest.

They are the class of 2018, and the future of tomorrow. Watch this space to see how these students unleash their inner entrepreneur and make their mark on the world.

Congratulations again, to our Graduate Certificate of Entrepreneurship graduates: Alex Rahme, Elizabeth Guyler, Fiona Francis, Jennie Elizabeth Geisker, Justin Cloherty, Karine Rayson, Marcella Andrade Carvalho, Marie-Nicole Roberts, Prudence Officer and Wendy Gallibu-Wang.

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