Why it’s important to put your hand up for event roles!

Torrens has enabled me to explore new job experiences that I would not have thought possible! Like working at The Commonwealth Games which are held every four years and are represented by 6,600 athletes and team officials from 71 countries.”

Did you know our students graduate with an 88% employability rate! We attribute this success to the following fundamental elements that APM College of Business and Communication students receive through studying at Torrens University Australia.

1. All of our Academics are industry-experienced; often entrepreneurs – running their own company, or intrapreneurs – innovating within existing businesses

2. Every student is paired with their own personal Success Coach, who motivates and trains with them throughout their university journey

3. The business faculty’s bachelor degrees (typically studied for 3 years, full-time) have a subject called ‘Industry Project’ whereby the students must complete 400 hours of work-experience in the field of their degree, plus 120 hours of theory, prior to graduating

We sat down with Bachelor of Business (Event Management) student Daniel, who put his hand up to help out at the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Queensland, and accumulated invaluable hours of event management experience.

Torrens University Australia and APM College of Business and Communication have enabled me to explore new job experiences that I would not have thought possible! Like working at The Commonwealth Games which are held every four years and are represented by 6,600 athletes and team officials from 71 countries.”

Daniel’s role at the Commonwealth Games was Catering Manager for ZEN Catering. This opportunity presented itself because Daniel put himself forward for the event role, leveraging his networks from University and family-friends.

Managing the F&B (food and beverage) tent at Broadbeach Lawn Bowls Club, Daniel was ordering supplies, liaising with logistics on arrival, ensuring health and safety regulations were being met, and maintained throughout the event, managing budgets and controlling the financial and administrative records. This role saw Daniel manage the quality of the products from order to delivery.

“VIP’s were a regular sight across all venues at the Commonwealth Games, with VIP’s at the Lawn Bowls during my shifts including: CEO of the Commonwealth games, Vice President of the Commonwealth Games, Governor General and Lady Cosgrove, Prime Minster of Fiji, King of Malaysia and Prince Edward. It was fantastic receiving feedback regarding their experiences at the venue and how pleased they were with the catering.”

Daniel agreed this role was a massive challenge and milestone for his career experience in event managing. ZEN Catering provided him with the platform to learn, acquire new skills, and put his university Event Management theory into practice.

“Over 11 days of service at the Commonwealth Games, we served a whopping:

  • 15 tonnes of hot chips
  • 21,250 serves of sushi
  • 55,000 pies and sausage rolls
  • 200,000 cups of beer, cider and glasses of wine
  • 350,000 serves of coffee

These numbers are indicative of the volumes of people we were serving, lots of very satisfied customers. ZEN Catering also catered for their own 1600 staff, the Athlete’s village, officials and sponsors, game shapers and VIP’s. This unique opportunity provided me with behind-the-scenes access to how a large-scale event management and catering operation works in one of the most intense, important (and stressful) environments. It was really useful to be able to leverage what I’ve learnt at University, and now apply my work-experience in class projects today.

Torrens prepared me for this once-in-a-lifetime experience, and I would highly recommend putting your hand up for event roles, so that you too, can gain invaluable event management experience and put your theory into practice!”



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