Now Reading: What studying business after taking a GAP YEAR is like!

Studying Business after taking a gap year

What studying business after taking a GAP YEAR is like!

Everyone tells you in High School you need to get a good ATAR and go to Uni to start your career… However, at APM College of Business and Communication we understand and prioritise the needs of all of our students, which means sometimes our dedicated Course and Career Advisors will agree with that internal fight you’re currently having… It is OK to take a GAP YEAR and come back to study the year after!

Taking a gap year not only gives you a fresh perspective on what career path you want to take, it also gives you the confidence to believe in yourself (and a welcome break from textbooks after 12 years of study!).

Business student Ainsley interviewed her peer, and gap-year enthusiast Ariane, studying Marketing, who affirms that taking a gap year was the best decision she’s ever made.

I realised during my final years at high school that I didn’t want to go straight into more studies after completing my HSC. I wanted the opportunity to be young, travel, meet new people and create lifelong memories. All of which I did whilst working at the Perisher snow fields in remote NSW for the winter season of 2017. I had no idea what I wanted to study once I finished high school, and I felt very lost considering all my friends had enrolled in their courses and were getting ready to begin university. I wanted to take a gap year to find myself and my passions, so that when I enrolled for University, I knew it was the right career path for me.”

It’s often challenging for teens to feel like they’re ‘missing out’ (FOMO, as my Instagram story would label it!) if they don’t start uni straight after high school, after all the pressure that’s been put on them to get a degree and start a career. It’s important that you have a good support network in your life – family, friends, work colleagues, that you can talk to about what options you have after high school, because truthfully, the sky is the limit.

For Ariane, it was hard to leave her friendships behind, however once arriving at Perisher to work for the winter snow season, she realised that there were so many other people taking a gap year, that it actually was O-K, and that people were living their best life.

“By taking the gap year, I gained so many fundamental interpersonal skills, which I felt was really important for my personal growth. I worked as an instructor, which improved my independence, confidence and social skills, and I learnt how to be financially responsible (saving money when you’re living so remote is actually harder than it seems), and share responsibilities, like cleaning, washing and time management.”

Ainsley met Ariane through Student Ambassador Roles at The Rocks campus, something which Ariane never would have put her hand up for, if she hadn’t gained the experience during her gap year.

“Torrens has made the transition from working full-time, to studying full-time so easy. I did not expect the transition to be as smooth as it was. After hearing friends at other universities talk about how little help and guidance they received at the beginning of their university journey, I was so nervous when I applied, enrolled and attended my first class. From the initial contact with the Course and Career Advisors, talking about the subjects offered that trimester, how long it would take to complete my course, and what fee help was available – to meeting my personal Success Coach, a mentor with me throughout my entire university journey. 

The lecturers at Torrens have so much experience and knowledge, and they are truly there to help you succeed in your chosen field of study. The small class sizes were another factor that made the transition easy, as there are no daunting over-sized lecture halls or overcrowded classrooms. Each lecturer is passionate about the subjects they teach and learn the names of all students in the class, it really is a fun and interactive environment – plus you feel more comfortable asking questions and participating in activities.”

Gap years don’t set you back a year, they don’t delay the start to your career, nor do they stop you from achieving top results. Gap years can be a positive experience, it’s 100% the effort you put in, to what results you get out.

For Ariane, a gap year gave her a greater perspective on life, her passions, and where she wanted to be in ten years’ time. During high school, her future wasn’t her main goal, so taking a step back and having a few months to figure it all out, meant that now, studying marketing with APM College of Business and Communication at Torrens University Australia, means putting the right foot forward, personally and for her career.

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