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Hi, I’m Madison Browne, one of the Business Student Representatives, at The Rocks campus. APM College of Business and Communication at Torrens University boasts one of the most sought-out campus locations in Australia, at Circular Quay, The Rocks, in the heart of Sydney city.

Torrens University, like many universities in Australia, has lots of international students. We’re lucky enough to have students from all over the world, who have travelled to Australia to study with us, at The Rocks campus.

I am so impressed with the cultural diversity we have in class, on campus, and in our social community, so I decided to interview three international students, to find out their thoughts on what it’s like to study in our beautiful country!

Meet Elin (21) and Jenifer (22) from Sweden, and Felipe (20) from Colombia. Although we have class together, getting to know these international students on a more personal level was really rewarding.

“I am so impressed with the cultural diversity we have in class, on campus, and in our social community.”

What are you studying at Torrens University?

Elin: Diploma of Event Management

Jenifer: Bachelor of Business

Felipe: Bachelor of Business (Marketing)

What made you chose Australia as a place to study?

Elin: I’ve always wanted to visit Australia because of its nature so two years ago I decided that I would go to Australia after I graduated high school. From the beginning, my plan was to go on a working visa but because Sweden isn’t very big on event management so I decided to take the opportunity to learn new things through study in Australia instead.

Jenifer: The sunny weather, beaches, climate and similar culture brought me to Australia. Sydney is the perfect combination of both city life and beach life. Besides that, I got to know a special person who lives here and this affected my choice.

Felipe: Australia is known for being one of the best countries for international students to go to improve their English skills and challenge themselves through conversations with teachers and other students. It also allows you to work whilst studying. Australia also has beautiful landmarks and beautiful people!

“Australia is known for being one the best countries for international students to go to improve their English skills.”

Felipe, Colombia

Felipe, Colombia

Where are you currently living? Are you in student accommodation or renting an apartment in Sydney?

Elin: I live in student accommodation, Urbanest in the centre of Sydney. I would highly recommend Urbanest to any international student looking for accommodation in the Sydney CBD area.

Jenifer: I am renting an apartment in Sydney with my boyfriend. Having personal space at home allows me to focus on my studies while I’m on campus, and then relax when I come home, so I get a good mix of both.

Felipe: I am currently living in Strathfield in a share house with few of my friends. The public transport into Sydney city makes it really easy for me to commute to and from home and uni.

Do you find it hard being away from your family and friends?

Elin: I didn’t find it hard to be away from my family in the beginning because I’ve studied abroad before. However, being away from my friends has been hard, especially when you go to a country when you don’t know anyone. But it has been the hardest being away from my dog! I’ve been lucky enough to make some good friendships on campus, as the small class sizes make it easy to meet new people.

: Yes, in the beginning, I missed them a lot. The time difference doesn’t make it any easier either. But my friends will always be there and I’ve just booked a ticket to visit them in May.

Felipe: I do find quite amazing that my family and friends are thousands of kilometres away however, homesickness is not an issue for me. Being away from home does not mean I am alone, I’ve got my new friends here and teachers that I can really turn to for advice and support. It’s a great community to be a part of.

“I’ve been lucky enough to make some good friendships on campus, the small class sizes make it easy to meet new people.”

Elin, Sweden

Elin, Sweden 

Have you done much travelling around Australia since being here?

Elin: I have tried to do a bit of travelling. I have been to Perth, Melbourne and Cairns so far.

Jenifer: I’ve been to Melbourne, Cronulla and Palm Beach. I am planning on doing some more trips soon! I would love to go to Perth and visit Rottnest Island.

Felipe: I wish I had more money and time to do more travelling around. Fortunately, this year I have had the chance to visit a few places such as The Gold Coast, Snowy Mountains, Canberra and have travelled all around Sydney.

How have you found it studying in a different country? Has the language barrier been an issue?

Elin: I really like studying in another country. However, sometimes it is a bit hard because English is not my first language. I’m really lucky that back home in Sweden we start learning English when we’re 10 years old, and after that, it’s a core subject until we finish High School. The Australian accent is something that takes some getting used to though; ‘arvo’, ‘sanga’, ‘no wukkas’ … Aussies do love their slang!

: I sometimes find it difficult when I have to translate a lot of words in order to help me communicate better. But I am always learning which is great! I find my success coach a great support as they guide me to resources to help with my communication, and understand that we need extra support sometimes as our families are so far away.

Felipe: I have not had any troubles with the language barriers whilst I have been studying at Torrens. The lecturers are aware that the classes are not only taken by local students but also international students and English is not our first language. They’re honest and approachable, I really admire them.

“I find my success coach a great support as they guide me to resources to help with my communication.”

Jenifer, Sweden

Jenifer, Sweden

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