Now Reading: The Life of an International PR Student, Pari Hame

Life of an International PR Student: Pari Hame

The Life of an International PR Student, Pari Hame

Meet Pari Hame, a passionate Public Relations student from Sweden, studying at our Fortitude Valley Campus in Brisbane.

Why did you choose to study at Torrens University?

Living in Sweden, I was chasing the Australian lifestyle. Torrens University appealed to me because they differentiate themselves from traditional universities, whereby you don’t get lost on a big campus and are more than just a number. I really love the small class sizes, because they make you feel part of a small community. Everything is personalised, from course content based on Academic’s industry experience to having your own Success Coach.

I developed a huge passion and interest in public relations while studying at high school, so I was really driven to find a University course that suit my needs. The flexibility of being able to study subjects on campus and online, as well as learn a variety of areas including; marketing, commerce, event management is really engaging.

Why did you choose Brisbane (Queensland)?

I highly recommend international students choose to study in Brisbane. Brisbane is one of Australia’s warmest states, which means it will be humid most year round, there are beautiful beaches you can visit to cool off though, with the Gold Coast and Byron Bay not too far away to travel by car or bus. This location is idyllic, as there’s plenty to do in the city and close to campus, which is located on the fringe of the city’s central business district in the colourful cultural and business precinct of Fortitude Valley – just do your research to make sure you plan your commute. For example, Brisbane is home to many leading PR and Communication agencies, close to major sporting venues and hosts lots of events that are great for students!

Are there any lecturers that have stood out to you the most? 

I am really grateful for my lecturer in PR writing, Lynn Hall. Lynn is absolutely incredible, in the way she incorporates her industry experience into class work. Her teaching method really works for me, driving me to work harder to achieve my goals. Lynn genuinely cares and believes in her students, and we all really appreciate that. It’s important to recognise great talent, especially in your teachers, and not to take them for granted.

What are your top tips for studying online and on campus?

“Study on campus. Immerse yourself in the experience of student life and the community feel. Get involved with campus events and constantly meet new people.”

One of the best parts about studying abroad as an international student is being able to travel and study. The flexibility of taking a subject online when you want to explore Australia for a few weeks, then your next subject on campus when you want to catch up with friends, is really helpful. My biggest tip would be to focus on your time management skills. Write everything down in a planner, colour coordinate them and even put reminders in your phone – you use this to remind you for social events, so rely on it for your academic events too.

What is student life like? What is a typical day for you?

Student life is a mix of chaos and calm.

I like to start my day catching up on breaking news overnight and trawling social media sites for good stories. I do some personal writing, look over my to-do list for the day and then get going. Study takes a huge chunk out of my day, so I also find it really important to relax and do something fun for me. I love to dance, so most days I finish my day with some dancing – it’s the perfect way to unwind and let my hair down.

I’m also a student ambassador for Torrens, which means I represent the University at events throughout the year, from Open Day to Orientation Week. This is a great opportunity for me to network with fellow students, academics and develop my contacts in the industry. This role was recommended to me by the Program Manager for Business in Brisbane at my orientation, and I would highly recommend it for any students looking to diversify their resume and build relationships in a new city.


What are your top 5 tips for students living in Brisbane? 

  1. Travel and explore as much as you can
  2. It’s humid here, so make sure you’re chasing the sun when you move here
  3. Drink plenty of water, there are free water refill stations on campus
  4. Plan your trips well, there are buses from campus to the city if you don’t have a car
  5. Make lots of friends from campus and go to events in the city together

What motivates you?

Making the move from Sweden to Australia straight out of High School, unaided by family or friends was the biggest challenge, and best decision I’ve made. The opportunity forced me to grow and really motivate me to find myself and do well in what I love.

“Hard work beats talent, when talent fails to work hard.”

I would love to get a public relations internship working in the fashion or music industry. I’m motivated to write for high fashion consumer brands that are international influencers, such as a fashion magazine or record label.

What advice would you give to someone looking to study a similar course?

Breathe. You can do this, really! If you plan your time and your assessments, then you will be okay. There is so much support and resources on campus, especially for International Students, don’t be scared to ask for help, it will all be worth it in the end.

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