Now Reading: Pack your bags and find out why study abroad is the business!

Why Study Abroad is the business

Pack your bags and find out why study abroad is the business!

“Having the opportunity to study abroad while at uni is a bucket-list experience. Travelling to a different country for 3 months gave me a new outlook on life, and is one of the most eye-opening experiences I’ve ever had!”

APM College of Business and Communication Event Management student, Madison spent Trimester 1 abroad at Stamford International University in Bangkok, Thailand. The study abroad program allows students to connect with Laureate International Universities around the world.

I have learnt so much from the students at the University, and in my classes, from the local Thai students, to other exchange students from Germany, Czech Republic, Finland and America. My 3-month experience in Thailand really equipped me for my future career in the global business world.

Whilst I was over in the beautiful country of Thailand, I interviewed a few students to get a better understanding about studying at Stamford International University full time and why they benefit from the international culture. I wasn’t surprised to find that all the students felt that having a rich mix of cultures within their university would benefit their future, as I felt the exact same way!”

Why did you choose to study with Stamford International University in Bangkok?

Alice: I chose Stamford mostly because of the international environment, you can’t find such a rich international environment at any other university in Thailand. It was also located just outside the city, making it easy for me to get to school on time.

Chananchida: Stamford provides great degrees and had the major that I wanted to study, International Hotel Management. I also wanted to study in the international environment. It has allowed me to practice my English all the time. I always have passion for improving my communication skills, and Stamford has given me the opportunity to do so.

Lelu: I thought it would be a good idea to study International Hotel Management in a big, busy tourist city where I could put the skills I learnt in class into practice.

Aerilda: I have been attending international schools since I was young, and I was afraid that if I went to a Thai university I would lose the ability to speak English fluently. Stamford is one of the best international university in Thailand, with a truly diverse of nationalities so that is why I chose it.

Do you believe it has been beneficial to your education having lots of international and exchange students at your university? Why?

Alice: Yes. I get a lot of new experiences from all of my international and exchange student friends. I also get the chance to know more about other countries and cities. Another great thing is that I get to take my new friends from other countries around to explore something that I know and share it with them like the Chatuchak Markets that I took you to!!

Chananchida: The students get a lot of benefit due to the diversity in the university. Local Thai students like me also get more opportunity than others to use English to communicate, which makes us more comfortable and confident with speaking English, which really improves my study here.

Lelu: Yes, I do. We get to study together, help each other and share our opinions and experiences from all around the world.

Aerilda: Of course, having international students is fun and beneficial at the same time. I mostly hangout with exchange students every term they come, I learn their culture, they learn mine, we always exchange knowledge about culture diversity and also I get to take them around this beautiful city, Bangkok.


What is one interesting thing you have learnt from an international student?

Alice: Friendship.

Chananchida: The accent is quite interesting. During my first year at university, I met many different friends with a variety of accents. I have found it very interesting to hear and learn new accents, not just an American or British accent.

Lelu: I have learnt so much about other cultures and their different ways of socialising and communicating.

Aerilda: Culture shock. Sometimes, when we grew up in a different place, we get treated in a different way. What you think is the right thing to do in your country might not be right in another country.

What do you aspire to do in the future? How do you think studying at an international university has helped this?

Alice: I would really love to continue my study abroad. I love to study. I love to learn new things to help me improve myself. I think studying at an international university has gave me an opportunity to speak English every day and this has really benefited me and all the other local students. This has also encouraged me to want to study abroad. An international environment makes you learn new things and learn new views. Stamford’s international student culture has really helped me to grow up and be more mature.

Chananchida: I think I might go aboard for my master’s degree. Studying at Stamford has shown me the value in learning, speaking and understanding multiple languages. I believe that continuing my degree abroad will then further my ability to communicate to many different people.

Lelu: I hope to work in the hospitality industry in the future. Stamford has helped me understand more cultures and various accents of English. I think this will be a very helpful skill for my future career.

Aerilda: I want to work in an international environment. The international culture at Stamford has helped me prepare for this a lot. I get more out of Stamford than just being able to speak great English, or having a lot of international friends, but what I have also obtained is more opportunities, more connections, not only in Bangkok, but from friends around the world. We exchange the culture, exchange what we know, we learn from them, they learn from us, and we can be more open-minded and not just lock ourselves inside cage, but we can be more prepared to explore the world in the future. Also, it will be easier for us to adjust when we are working in the future, we can stay, work and live in every kind of environment.

I highly recommend students speak with their Success Coach or Course and Career Advisor on how they can apply for a student exchange at one of our international partner universities. I was lucky enough to study abroad with one of my best friends, and class mates, Chloe – and it has made us appreciate our university experience so much more.

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