Torrens Summer School for International Students

Are you an international student looking to study in Australia?
Torrens University Australia has got you covered!

We are currently offering scholarships for an intensive six-week intake commencing on October 30, 2017, and will run until December 8, 2017. You will have the choice to study one or two subjects and simply need to pay a minimum two subject deposit prior to commencement.

International Scholarships include:

  • 15% Transferring Scholarship – International students transferring from an onshore institution
  • 15% Regional Health, Design & Hospitality Scholarship – Latin American / European / Middle Eastern students
  • 15% Undergraduate Business Regional Scholarship – Latin American / European / Middle Eastern students
  • 20% Postgraduate Business Regional Scholarship – Latin American and European students
  • 24% Postgraduate Business Regional Scholarship – Middle Eastern students
  • 5% and 10% Asian Business Limited Scholarships
  • 20% 1st year – Vietnamese Undergraduate Business Limited Scholarship
  • 25% Vietnamese Postgraduate Business Limited Scholarship
  • 20% Education Scholarship – All students commencing the Master of Education (Special Education, Advanced) course in Summer School.

This is your last chance to secure a 2017 International student scholarships, don’t miss out!

Got Questions?

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Torrens International Students
**Scholarships are provided at the University’s discretion.
**Scholarships listed above are for students commencing in Summer School 2017 and cannot be deferred.
**Latin American, European, Middle Eastern and Asian scholarships are provided to applicants based on their passport for Summer School and cannot be deferred to a future intake.
**Limited Scholarships are not provided to all applicants and require approval by the General Manager.
**Onshore Transferring Scholarship only applicable to students transferring from an onshore institution and starting Summer School only.
**Undergraduate Vietnamese Business scholarship discount only applied to first year of study.
**Full course deposit is required prior to Friday 27th October 2017 to secure any of the above scholarships for Summer School.
**Scholarship applicable on tuition fee only and on first attempt subjects. Full price charged on retake subjects if failed previously.
**All students commencing in Summer School are required to pay 2 subject deposit to commence. Any financials not absorbed by subject fees for this intake will remain on students file as credit for future subject fees.
**Laureate Australia may increase fees each calendar year by up to 10% and fees quoted in offer letters are an approximate only.