Now Reading: A Two-Minute Overview of All Torrens Education Courses (For Busy Teachers) and a sneak peek of the Education August webinar

Torrens Education Courses for busy teachers

A Two-Minute Overview of All Torrens Education Courses (For Busy Teachers) and a sneak peek of the Education August webinar

“The world of education is changing. The 21st century brings with it a whole host
of new challenges and if we are going to meet these challenges, we need to shift our approach.” Adam Smith (General Manager Education, Torrens University)

As every education professional can tell you, the business of teaching today is no simple matter. The demands on your time are many, but there’s so much to love about this incredible field. It’s diverse, creative, innovative, challenging and incredibly rewarding.

Pedagogy is constantly growing and changing, and educators have to change with it. For educators to grow, the institutions that teach them have to keep up, too.

Torrens has stepped up to the challenge and designed a suite of education courses that respond directly to the unique demands of the contemporary classroom. Courses are designed and taught by practicing education professionals, and subjects have direct, real-world application.

Teachers often don’t have a lot of spare time, so Torrens offers flexible study options, included blended and dynamic online learning. Whatever field you want to explore, or skill set you need to learn – there are options to make it work for you.

Get a taste for Torrens education courses online with the Education Webinar!

On Wednesday the 8th of August, at 6:00 pm Torrens is hosting an Education Webinar. If you’re an educator considering further study, this is your chance to chat directly to some of the academics delivering courses. There’s also a group Q & A, so you get to meet other educators in the forum and ask questions.

The Webinar also introduces you to projects that you can directly apply into your classroom. It’s a rare opportunity to ‘try before you buy,’ in the spirit of Torrens innovative and open approach. Don’t miss it!

“I decided to start studying again to progress as a teacher. It was a daunting experience at first after such a long time and I’ve never studied online before.

At first, I felt a little isolated here in Alice Springs but I really enjoyed the interaction I had online with all the other students. I became part of a nationwide student community.” – Catherine Conradie (2015 Graduate, Master of Education, Reading and Literacy)

All the Education courses on offer at Torrens: a two-minute overview (for busy teachers!)

Short Courses

Perfect for busy teachers who need to update their skills and approach, these courses can be completed in just one trimester, and are conducted online for maximum flexibility. These innovative courses are designed using the groundbreaking ‘Person First’ approach.

Short Courses are available across five different topic areas:

      • Person First in Autism
      • Design Thinking for Education
      • Dyslexia
      • Introduction to Mental Health Conditions
      • Learning Differences

Special Education

Classrooms today are incredibly diverse. It’s essential to understand the range of learning differences you are going to find in schools. Taught using the ‘Person First approach’, these courses will help you come to class prepared to teach each child, no matter what their needs.


Torrens offers a four different Graduate Certificates and two Masters Courses across this area, including:

Graduate Certificate of Education in:

      • (Learning Differences)
      • (Autism)
      • (Special Education)
      • (Mental Health)

Master of Education in:

      • (Special Education)
      • (Special Education Advanced)

Innovation and Change

These courses are for educators who want to be change makers, developed using the latest in design thinking. Aimed at producing results, these two courses involve real-world assessment projects that are applied directly to the classroom.  They are available online, with flexible options.

Teaching and Learning

If your passion is reading and literacy, these two courses are for you. Learn hands-on skills, impact assessment, theory and policy design for the best literacy outcomes. These courses are available online, with flexible and blended options.

Higher Degrees by Research

For those who want to take their teaching career to the highest academic level, Torrens offers two different options. These are taught by internationally renowned academics in the field of Education and offer a broad range of topics for your research. Available at the Sydney and Melbourne campuses, you can choose between:

If you’re thinking of registering for the Webinar, you can save your spot today here and don’t be afraid to contact one of our helpful staff.

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