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Introducing Clinical Myotherapy Blog

Tim Trevail, the Program Director of Physical Health is delighted to announce the launch of the Clinical Myotherapy Blog!

This blog is a new and exciting way to showcase the work of Clinical Myotherapy students who have excelled in academic writing and research. It’s also an opportunity to contribute new findings and insights to the industry.

The Clinical Blog will primarily consist of a series of themes taught within the Clinical Myotherapy program with focused mini-series supported by the senior academic team. The blog will also cater for occasional guest pieces on industry relevant and topical areas.

Clinical Myotherapy graduates pride themselves on their ability to critically evaluate contemporary sources of information with the digital fluency to create evidence-based assessment as well as treatment and rehabilitation plans for musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction. Written work forms an important role in the development of these critical skills, and as graduate practitioners, they have the ability to contribute back to the profession through publication of written work. This new blog provides an avenue towards this goal, with a range of benefits and opportunities for our undergraduate students.

Our graduates demonstrate leadership and innovation in the analysis and development of health promotion education strategies for local and global communities. This blog supports students in getting important health information out into the public domain, supporting their mission to improve musculoskeletal health in the community.

Clinical Myotherapy | Torrens University

We know that writing for academic and broader audiences can be challenging. This blog will act as a stepping-stone for those interested in future more formal publication, with academic support in subject development and editing along the way.

The first theme will focus on pain management; a biopsychosocial evaluation and exploration of real-life case scenarios and topical research. First up is 2nd year student Jeromy Llewellyn-Jones, who submitted this work as part of his pain management studies. You can find his excellent case study series on neck and arm pain, with the first three parts of the series already up.

Well done on your contribution to the discipline Jeromy!

If you are interested in contributing to the blog in the future then please speak to one of the senior lecturer team or email Tim on

We hope you enjoy the read, and if you are still unsure just what Myotherapy is, come and see one of our fantastic students in the Wellbeing Centre in Melbourne soon!


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