A note from Torrens University Australia’s Vice Chancellor, Professor Justin Beilby:


It is with much pleasure that I welcome you to Torrens University. Torrens University Australia has four research themes – Education Futures, Supporting Livelihoods, Innovation and Vibrant Economies, Healthy Futures, Positive Aging and Wellbeing, and Sustainable Governance and Transformations.

Our research themes are distinctive and draw their inspiration from challenges that face humanity and our societies. Each of our themes encompasses fields of high employment growth over the coming decades, where graduates with a global perspective and high-level skills in research and critical analysis will be in demand. Business, government and other agencies will have a growing need for quality data, analysis and advice in these areas.

The exciting academic and research collaboration between the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute and Torrens University Australia will open doors for life-changing, quality research that will benefit the health and wellbeing of individuals and our communities. This collaboration was formed to provide an innovative program that combines coursework designed to prepare candidates – clinicians and health professionals – for industry focussed research that will allow all our graduates to find valuable new employment opportunities.


What’s on offer?

Torrens and Baker Institute are collaborating on the jointly badged Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and a Master of Philosophy programs in Translational Clinical Research. Baker Institute brings a national and international status as a high quality research centre with a specialisation in cardiovascular disease and diabetes, and the opportunity for higher degree research students to work intensively with experienced researchers.