“The postgraduate courses in Counselling are refreshingly relevant in today's society with a contemporary approach to common issues and the development of skills to address them.”

Will Bonney | Current Student


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DAVID JANSEN SCHOLARSHIP (Master of Counselling)

To celebrate the launch of this new course, we are offering one student a full scholarship in honour of the late David Jansen (founder of Jansen Newman Institute). JNI grew out of the Relationship Development Centre, which was founded in 1978 in Sydney by Dr David Jansen. In 1981, Dr Jansen was joined by Margaret Newman. Together they founded and developed the Jansen Newman Institute into the prestigious counselling, community services and psychotherapy education and training provider it is today.

  • 1 x  full scholarship per year
  • Winner to act as an ambassador for the course and be active in supporting Marketing activities

To apply please send at least 500 words outlining below to

  • Why you wish to undertake study a Master of Counselling at Torrens University Australia
  • How the qualification gained will assist you in achieving your future career plans
  • Personal achievements, interests and extracurricular activities, work and/or volunteer experience
  • Future career aspirations

Who is eligible

  • New students are eligible to apply for both scholarships but will only receive 1 if successful.
  • Current students who chose to study another course with us are eligible to receive the 25% alumni scholarship
  • New students working in the industry are eligible to receive the 15% industry scholarship

The closing date for the David Jansen Honorary Scholarship is 18 January 2021.

Application Criteria


  • Academic Drive: Must be able to show a dedication to their academic studies, and/or passion for studying in order to satisfy the judging panel that they will persevere with their course and not withdraw, change course or change education providers.
  • Community Minded: Must demonstrate a willingness to get involved, be proactive and a personable attitude through a history of volunteer or community work.
  • Industry Passion: Must display a passion for their chosen industry
  • Australian citizen/resident: This scholarship is only eligible to students who meet citizenship

How to Apply

Submission deadline is 1 week prior to each intake start date. We’ll determine your eligibility depending on your personality and career goals. We want a team of passionate, outgoing and friendly Ambassadors.

Start Date

Scholarship applications due

Mon 15th February, 2021

Mon 8th February, 2021

Please read all of the information in the application form, including the selection criteria and requirements for shortlisted applicants before completing this application. The information provided will be used to select recipients.
You must include all of the following items in your application: 1. Completed application form and questions 2. Resume 3. At least one letter of recommendation from teacher, career advisor or employer
After completing the Application Form above, please email your completed form and documents to with the subject line Health Scholarship. Deadline for Health Scholarships is 1 week prior to each intake start date. Shortlisted applicants will be notified by email.
To be eligible for any scholarship, applicants must meet the entry requirements of the course. Terms and Conditions apply. See the application form for full details. Scholarships are awarded for the specific intake of study and cannot be transferred to another start date. For further information about how to apply please contact a Course and Careers Advisor. Discount applicable on tuition fee only and on first attempt subjects only. Full price should be charged on other fees and retake subjects. % of discount: 20% off full single subject fee.