Torrens University Australia welcomes the international community to study at Australia’s fastest growing university, offering innovative, industry-aligned courses led by experienced academics. Our 2019 international scholarships are now available, offering students access to over 300 high quality, industry-focused and competitively priced courses. Torrens University Australia offers a range of career-focused undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Business, Education, Hospitality, Design and Health on campuses located in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Brisbane.


Apply now and receive a scholarship valued up to 30% on selected courses. This offer is exclusively available for new international students.


Start your course in 2019 and get a qualification to create a career that you love!

  • Latin American & European 30% Business Scholarship
  • Latin American & European 15% Health Scholarship
  • Latin American & European 15% Design Scholarship
  • Middle East Youth Opportunity 15% Business, Health and Design Scholarships
  • Sri Lankan Offshore 15% Business Scholarship
  • Limited Japanese Undergraduate Health Science 20% Scholarship
  • Laureate Australia Business Merit 25% Scholarship
  • Laureate Australia Design Merit 20% Scholarship
  • Alternative Study Path Business, Health, Hospitality & Design 15% Scholarship
  • Offshore Online Business Scholarships up to 30%
  • Here to Educate (Education) 20% Scholarship
  • Limited Motivational William Blue College of Hospitality Management Scholarships

Application Criteria

New international students may be eligible for a scholarship depending on which intake that they commence in, their country of citizenship and the course that they are applying for. From time to time we launch new courses where all new international students are provided an automatic scholarship. Terms and conditions apply.

How to Apply

Start Date

Scholarship applications due

Tue 1st January, 2019

Tue 31st December, 2019

Please contact your agent for further information.

Please email us at enquiries@laureate.net.au or call 1300 575 803 for more information

Terms and conditions Scholarships are limited and provided at the Universities discretion for students commencing in 2019. Academic conditions apply for the Design and Business merit based scholarships. Alternative Study Path Scholarship is only applicable to students transferring from an active onshore institution. Offshore Online Business Scholarship applicable to students commencing the duration of their course offshore. Scholarships are not applicable to Diploma of Nursing, Blue Mountains International College of Hotel Management and Southern School of Natural Therapies course offerings. International students must maintain a full-time study load, 1 EFTSL over 12 month study period to maintain their scholarship. Scholarship applicable on tuition fee only and on first attempt subjects. Full price charged on retake subjects if previously failed. Torrens University Australia or THINK Education may increase fees each calendar year by up to 10% and fees quoted in offer letters are an approximate only. Health Science 20% scholarship applicable to new Japanese applicants only. Sri Lankan Offshore Business scholarship applicable to offshore applicants only.

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