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International Student Scholarships

International Student Scholarships now open


Torrens University Australia welcomes our International Community to study at Australia’s fastest growing university, offering innovative and industry-aligned courses led by industry-experienced academics.

We are very excited to announce a new scholarship exclusively available to onshore international students enrolling at Torrens University for the remainder of 2018.

The 2018 Onshore Business Summer Intake Scholarship is available for onshore international students commencing studies in our Trimester 3B (October 29) or Trimester 4 (November 12) intakes only and is valued at 20%.

This scholarship is particularly significant as it is available to onshore international students who have completed an English, vocational or higher education qualification with another onshore provider.

This is a fantastic opportunity for onshore international students, particularly those wishing to transfer to Torrens University and continue their studies with us.

Torrens University Australia  is also currently accepting international student scholarship applications for the following faculties:



30% Latin America and Europe Business Scholarship
30% Bachelor of Business(Entrepreneurship) Scholarship
30% Master of Business Administration (Sports Management) Scholarship Online only
25% Business Merit Scholarship (Academic conditions apply)
20% Master of Business Information Systems
20% Onshore Business Summer Intake Scholarship
15% Onshore Transferring Scholarship
15% Middle East Business Scholarship
5-10% Asia Business Scholarship



20% Master of Education (Special Education) Scholarship



15% Hospitality Industry Scholarship
15% Onshore Transferring Scholarship



20% Melbourne Scholarship – Flinders Street Campus
20% Academic Merit Scholarship for design courses
15% Onshore Transferring Scholarship
15% Latin America, Europe and Middle East Health Design & Hospitality Scholarship


Terms and Conditions:
*Scholarships are limited and provided at the University’s discretion to new international students commencing in Trimester 3B and Trimester 4 2018 intake.
*Melbourne Scholarship not valid for Diploma of Nursing, Southern School of Natural Therapies or Blue Mountains International College of Hotel Management at Torrens University Australia course offerings.
*Merit Scholarship, Academic conditions apply and provided at the Universities discretion for students commencing in Business courses in 2018.
*Onshore Transferring Scholarship only applicable to students transferring from an active onshore institution course.
*Latin American, European, Middle Eastern and Asian scholarships are provided to applicants based on their passport.
*Scholarships listed above are for new students commencing in Trimester Term 4  2018 and cannot be deferred. 
*Master of Business Information Systems Scholarship only available to new Laureate Australia international students commencing in Trimester 3b and Trimester 4  2018.
*2018 Onshore Business Summer Intake scholarship valid for any students who have completed an ELICOS, vocational or higher education course onshore.
*Full course deposit is required prior to Friday 26th October for Trimester 3B and Friday November 9 for Trimester 4 to secure any of the above scholarships.
*Scholarship applicable on tuition fee only and on first attempt subjects. Full price charged on retake subjects if failed previously.
*To maintain their scholarship for the duration of their course, International students are required to maintain a full time study load over a 12 month period until completion.
*All students commencing in Trimester 4 are required to pay 3 subject deposit to commence. Any financials not absorbed by subject fees for this intake will remain on students file as credit for future subject fees. 
*Torrens University or Think Education may increase fees each calendar year by up to 10% and fees quoted in offer letters are an approximate only.

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