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We want passionate humans, not perfect performance

Because we know passion unlocks potential, not an ATAR score.

We have always believed that ATAR is not a true representation of a student's future success. So we have removed it as an entry requirement, for good. We know that the individuality of the student, their strengths, and future potential is a better indication of how they might succeed in higher education.

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Why Torrens University?

Dedicated Success Coach

Get a dedicated Success Coach to help you achieve your goals

High employent rate

9 in 10 graduates find a job they love within a year

Study anywhere

Study at home or your choice of major city

Small class sizes

Smaller classes for a closer, more collaborative experience

Robots need not apply

We have strong evidence to demonstrate that an ATAR score does not provide a full picture of a student’s ability to succeed. So we take a strengths-based approach to teaching, focusing on the skills and passion you bring to the table and build on your abilities from there.

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Your career crush persona

Does the idea of being your own boss give you butterflies? Could your natural charms change the world? The best way to find a career you crush on is to study something you love.

Now that we have removed ATAR as an entry requirement, our focus is to maximise your strengths, personal preferences, and aspirations to match you with a career crush persona, careers and courses you're compatible with, and more...

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Worried about your low ATAR? Don’t be.

We no longer require ATAR as an entry requirement. Because we know passion unlocks potential, not an ATAR score. Here are our pathways to entry:

  • Successful completion of Year 12 (Australian secondary school certificate or equivalent) guarantees entry into the Torrens University's Bachelor programs*
  • Our Diploma programs offer a pathway to completion of a Bachelor degree

As an alternative entry pathway, we consider other factors, such as creative portfolios for Design and Creative Technology degrees and student interviews for entry into other courses.

*Exceptions may apply to some courses

See where your passion can lead

Find out more about our pathways to entry and how you can apply for a course you will love at Torrens University Australia.