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Changes to our 2021 entry requirements

    Like many other higher education institutions in Australia, we have spent time reviewing the entrance requirements for the 2020 Year 12 students in the context of COVID-19 and the impact that has had on teaching and learning engagement. We have always believed that ATAR is not a true representation of a student’s future success.

    Our strengths-based approach to learning and teaching in addition to our Success Coach program provides real support and measurable results.

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Removal of ATAR requirement

We’ve always believed the ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank) is a reasonable indication of a student’s performance in their final year at school. The individuality of the student, their strengths and future potential is a better indication of how they might succeed in higher education.


We are removing ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank) as the key admissions criteria for applicants aiming to study at Torrens University. We will no longer consider ATAR as our primary entry requirement.


Torrens University strongly believed an alternative to the ATAR system should be found – which more broadly assesses students, especially when soft skills are emerging as important employability attributes.


Students with a recent secondary school education will now be considered for admission if they have an Australian secondary school certificate.

No ATAR, No Problem

Student mentor Paul Grainger’s Extraordinary Journey to a BA of Business

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Our assessment and evaluation

We now have strong evidence to demonstrate that the ATAR as an indicator, does not provide a full picture of an applicant’s ability to succeed.

After rigorously investigating our student cohorts and the success of our students over their studies – based on current entrance requirements, we have found:


The minimum ATAR of 60 or equivalent for entry into a Bachelor level course does not provide predictability or indication of potential success of students.


Students who enter at diploma level (with no ATAR requirements) are more likely to remain studying and complete their courses with success.


Our approach has always been to bring people in and build their skills. This is why we take a strengths-based approach to teaching – individualising our focus on the strengths someone brings to the table, not the weaknesses.

Access to quality education

Torrens University President Linda Brown believes “Education has the power to change lives. As the world faces unsustainable levels of inequality, we need to create inclusive, resilient and quality education systems that are fit for the future.”

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  • Successful completion of Year 12 (Australian secondary school certificate or equivalent) guarantees entry into the Torrens University’s Bachelor programs*
  • Our Diploma programmes offer a pathway to completion of a Bachelor’s degree
  • As an alternative entry pathway we consider other factors, such as creative portfolios for Design and Creative Technology degrees and student interviews for entry into Business or Hospitality courses
*Exceptions may apply to some courses