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Policies, procedures and forms

The Policy Library at Torrens University Australia contains helpful documents you can access and download. This material relates to the university’s policies and procedures, which are regularly reviewed and updated as part of our Continuous Improvement Strategy. As well as input from all departments at Torrens University Australia, we value feedback from our students.

For enquiries about the Policy Library or to provide us with your feedback about these documents, please email the Policy Team. Your comments will be considered at the next review.

For enquiries about how these policies apply to your own personal circumstances or to lodge a form, please contact unless otherwise directed by the relevant document.

Documents translated to Mandarin

Policies, procedures and forms that are relevant to our Suzhou campus in China have been translated to Mandarin. Students can access and download these documents below.

Policies, procedures and forms

Academic freedom

Principles governing the exercise of academic freedom at the university.
Academic Freedom Policy

Academic progression

Policy outlining the university's academic progression criteria and monitoring process.
Academic Progression Policy


Principles and requirements to enable the full and equitable participation of students with accessibility needs.

Accessibility Policy


Principles and requirements (eg. admission criteria and pathways, English language proficiency requirements) relating to the entry of students into a course offered by the university.
Admissions Policy

Assessment and credit

Principles, procedures and requirements for evaluating a student’s achievement of the identified learning outcomes. Plus, requests for assessment modification, review of results and recognition of learning for previous formal, informal and non-formal learning. Assessment Policy for Vocational Education and Training (VET)
Assessment Policy for Higher Education Coursework (HE) and ELICOS
Credit Policy


Principles, procedures and requirements for students lodging a complaint or requesting a review of academic and non-academic decisions.
Student Complaints Policy

Conduct, misconduct and expectations of members of the university

Policies, procedures and expectations with respect to academic (ie. academic integrity) and non-academic conduct including policy and expectations when accessing the university’s premises.
Academic Integrity Policy Children on Torrens Global Education Premises Diversity and Inclusion Policy
Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault Prevention Policy Student Conduct Policy

Copyright and intellectual property rights

Principles and requirements outlining the university’s approach to ownership and commercialisation of intellectual property created by the university or with the university’s resources, as well as the university’s copyright obligations.

Copyright Policy

Intellectual Property Policy

Course cancellation

Principles and requirements for cancelling courses, teach-out and transition.

Course Cancellation Policy

Critical incident

Policy and procedure for responding to a crisis.

Critical Incident Management Policy


Principles, procedures and requirements when enrolling in subjects and courses including deferring an offer to a course, taking leave of absence, transferring to another course, or withdrawing from a course or subject.

Enrolment Policy 


Policies, procedures and requirements about domestic and international students’ fees including charges and refund.

Domestic Student Fees Policy

International Student Fees Policy

Graduation and certification

Policy relating to graduation and issuance of certifications.

Graduation and Certification Policy

International students

Consolidated information regarding key policies for international students on a student visa.

IT Use

Policy outlining the specific expectations for using all computing and network resources at Torrens Global Education and its Providers.

IT Use Policy

Mandatory Reporting for AHPRA-Accredited Courses

Policy and procedure outlining the process for reporting students undertaking AHPRA-Accredited Courses in line with the requirements of the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law (2009).

Mandatory Reporting Policy for AHPRA-Accredited Courses

Privacy and student records

Policies outlining the University’s responsibilities in relation to protecting the privacy of individuals who interact with any area of the University as well as provisions informing the retention of student records.

Privacy Policy

Student Records Retention Policy

Student engagement

A policy outlining the institution’s commitment to ensuring student participation in key academic governance processes

Student Engagement in Academic Governance Policy

Support for students

A policy outlining the University’s commitment to the provision of a comprehensive support system for students to be successful in their studies.

Support for Students Policy

Work Placement

This policy outlines the rights and obligations of students, host organisations and the University under a work integrated learning agreement.

Work Placement Policy


Guidelines for WSET approved courses.

WSET Approved Programme Provider Requirements Guidelines

Research and research training

Policies and procedures relating to research and research training (Higher Degree by Research).

Research & Research Training Policies, Procedures and Guidelines aligned to HESF Domain 4 Requirements

Responsible Research Conduct Policy


Human Research Ethics Policy


External Research Funding Policy


Research Centre and Group Policy


Research Data Management Policy


Higher Degree by Research Policy


Higher Degree by Research Supervision Policy


Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarships Policy

Documents translated to Mandarin

The following policies, procedures and forms have been translated to Mandarin and are relevant to students who are studying at our Suzhou campus in China.

学术诚信政策 | Academic Integrity Policy

学术进度政策 | Academic Progression Policy

招生政策 | Admissions Policy

高等教育课程学分申请 | Applying for Course Credit

高等教育课程与海外学生英语语言强化课 程(ELICOS)评估政策 | Assessment Policy for Higher Education Coursework and ELICOS

课程取消政策 | Course Cancellation Policy

学分政策 | Credit Policy 

毕业与证书颁发政策 | Graduation and Certification Policy

国际学生收费政策 | International Student Fees Policy

隐私政策 | Privacy Policy

防止性骚扰与性侵犯政策 | Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault Prevention Policy

学生投诉政策 | Student Complaints Policy

学生行为政策 | Student Conduct Policy

请假申请表 | Application for Leave of Absence Form

缺席毕业申请书 | Application to Graduate in Absentia Form

评估特殊考虑申请表 | Application for Assessment Special Consideration Form

退修申请表 | Application for Withdrawal Form

证明文件申请表 | Certification Form

课程转换表 | Course Transfer Form

学分转移申请表 — (本科课程) | Credit transfer request form (UG)

学分转移申请表 — (硕士课程) | Credit transfer request form (PG)

正式投诉表 | Formal Complaint Form

复审(申诉)表 | Review (Appeal) Form

课程转换 | Course Transfer

延期开课 | Deferring commencement of a course

外部复审(申诉)程序 | External Review (Appeal) Procedure

正式投诉 | Formal Complaints

内部复审(申诉)程序 | Internal Review (Appeal) Procedure

国际学生转学 | International Student Transfer

请假 | Leave of absence

揭发性骚扰与性侵犯的程序 | Procedure for Disclosing Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment

国际学生退款 | Refunds for International students

重新评分或重新评估请求 | Requesting a Re-mark or Reassessment

要求出具官方文件 | Requesting official documents

非正式解决投诉 | Resolving a Complaint Informally

退修课程 | Withdrawing from a course

退修科目 | Withdrawing from a subject

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